Outstanding Live In Care in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud

All of the Live-In Home Care for Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud is run from our Stroud Office. Bluebird Care Stroud and Cirencester was rated ‘Outstanding’ in our last inspection. You can expect a service which delivers the highest standard of care and support and to be working with a dedicated and knowledgeable team who are excellent communicators.

Only 1 in 33 of all home care providers have earned the 'Overall Outstanding' rating from the CQC

Fully Managed Live-in Care

When you choose fully managed care from Bluebird Care, we assume all responsibility for recruiting and training staff, as well as organising their pensions, pay and holiday cover. We cover the cost of workplace insurance and should you ever be in the position where you no longer need our support, we find alternative work for your care team, so you don’t have to consider redundancy payments. Our local office team is on hand to assist you in getting the best value from the service. We can help you to plan for events or trips, arrange appointments for medical and health professionals, or help you to access services and resources which may improve your experience. We are happy to visit you in your home or to make time for you to visit us if you prefer.

It made it much easier to go away knowing mum was cared for properly... We will definitely use your services again when we take a break

Mrs Hamhill - Cirencester

Dementia Specialist Service

Our care staff are trained to help people live fulfilling lives, by identifying the skills which they have developed over a lifetime, and supporting them to continue using them even if they have lost a key stage in the process. This positive engagement can help reduce feelings of isolation, frustration or uselessness, which are often key motivators in difficult behaviour patterns. No two people are the same, which means that no two people’s journey with dementia will be the same. The extensive knowledge gained by the team allows them to be flexible and adapt our care delivery to meet the unique needs of our customers as they arise. 24 hour live-in care can be the perfect solution for someone living with dementia, as the care assistant has the whole of their working day to build strong relationships with their customer, and to find ways to give them the best quality of life.

Leadership within the service was strong which supported staff to be motivated and clear on support that people needed. Staff were imaginative and highly pro-active which meant the service was outstandingly responsive to the changing needs of people, including people living with dementia

Care Quality Commission, 2017

Respite and Temporary Care

A short term live-in care package is an excellent alternative to a stay in a care home. If your regular care arrangements are on hold, perhaps because of holiday cover or illness, Bluebird Care can step in and fill the gap. Without the upheaval and inconvenience of you having to pack up and move, we can arrange a stress free handover with your current care team, so that you can continue to enjoy your own routines in your own home. Once we have completed our initial set-up, any subsequent respite care is significantly reduced, making this a great option if you require multiple breaks per year.

100 percent of our customers said that our staff have the right qualifications and skills to provide them with the care which they needed.

Data is based on 100 percent of responses recieved out of all requests made


Can I choose who delivers my care?

Yes. We like to involve you in the recruitment and selection process as much as you want. We will let you know who is available, and arrange for an informal meeting before any commitment is made.

Can my care assistant assist me during the night?

Bluebird Care’s care assistants will be happy to help at any time of day or night. It is important to remember that everyone who works in the UK has the right to 8 hours uninterrupted sleep, or compensatory rest if their sleep is disturbed, so whenever you do require assistance there must be a period where the care assistant is able to rest. If there are regular disturbed nights, it will be necessary to ensure your carer can catch up on their sleep duing the following day, for their safety and for yours.

Can my care assistant replace my gardener or handyman?

Bluebird Care’s live-in care assistants will be happy to support you and to share in your hobbies and interests. They will gladly join you in maintaining a garden and keeping your home looking beautiful. They may use hand tools such as secateurs or trowels, but not chainsaws and shovels! Light household maintenance such as changing a light bulb is possible, but not anything which requires certifications, such as plumbing, heating or electrical work

Can my live-in care assistant drive for me?

Many of our care assistants are drivers, and you may specify this when choosing your care. If you wish them to drive for you, you must own a suitable, safe vehicle and have appropriate insurance. We will be happy to advise you in what to look for in an insurance policy, although we may not recommend any particular provide.

Is Live-in Care 24 hour care?

It can be, but each care assistant will be expected to be available to work for between 8 and 12 hours or per day. If more than care is required then more than one team member will be required.

Is Live-in Care a cheap alternative to a care home?

Definitely not! Live-in care is simply the best quality of care you can commission. The care which is received is tailored specifically for you; no-where else will you receive the undivided attention of a dedicated care assistant who will adapt and train to meet your needs and requirements. The cost is roughly equivalent to that of a good residential home.

Is Live-in Care suitable for everyone?

Not everybody. However, if you would enjoy the company of someone in your home who will take an interest in you and will help you to achieve whatever you want, then live-in care should work well for you.

What standard of accommodation do I need to provide?

Your care assistant will require their own room, with a comfortable bed, storage for their belongings, and a chair and desk or table to work or study at. There should be suitable lighting, definitely a window and power sockets available. You will also need internet access which your care assistant can use.

Will I always have the same care assistant?

This depends on how you want the package to be set up. Your care assistant will need regular time off, approximately one week in four, and also around five weeks’ holiday per year. If you need care every day, 365 days a year, it is best to have a small team of care assistants who you will get to know. This ensures that there is always someone on hand with whom you have a good working relationship with.

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