Twiddle Muffs for all!

Published: 22/05/2019

Our aim is to make Twiddle Muffs availiable for everyone in our local communities who will benefit from one.

A classic behaviour of people with dementia when they are agitated is to fiddle or twiddle with things.
Women typically rummage through their handbags as though looking for something, with no idea what they might be looking for.
Men might play with the change from their pockets, or either men or women may wander around the room picking things up and putting them down again, and fail to settle anywhere.
Twiddle Muffs have now taken off internationally as a brilliant way to meet the need to fiddle with things in a way which is soothing and calming. They are soft and warm, and good for arthritic hands, as well.
The muffs are quick and easy to knit from chunky yarn, or double strands of double knitting yarn. They are then finished with an assortment of items to twiddle, inside and out. Plaited ribbons or strands of yarn, pieces of lace, small zips, large buttons, crocheted flowers, children’s hair bobbles, and little soft toys on tiny wristbands, which usually entertain babies, are all good decorations for a twiddle muff. You can probably think of many more ideas.
Our aim is to make Twiddle Muffs available for everyone in our local communities who would benefit from one. We cannot do it alone though. If you are a knitter, and would like to join our band of volunteers then please call us on 01453 757 937 (or email and we will be very happy to give you a Twiddle Muff pattern.
You could also help by donating any unwanted yarn and/or suitable items for sewing onto the muffs. Any contribution will be much appreciated.