Meet the team

Leisa MacKenzie


Leisa is a Director of Bluebird Care (Peterborough & Oundle).  Leisa jointly owns and manages Bluebird Care (Peterborough & Oundle) with Tim. With over 10 years' experience in Sales & Sales Management her roles have relied heavily on providing high quality customer service to all customers which she continues to be passionate about.

Determined to bring her passion about customer service to the business ensuring excellent care is provided and experienced by all of our customers.

It is very exciting to have an opportunity to impact on the care provided to older people and people living with a disability.  We pride ourselves on offering good old-fashioned service. Nowadays, it is common for people to stay in their own home for as long as possible. Our high quality services can help them achieve this.  We are delighted to be able to offer the highest quality care to those in need of care in the Stamford, Rutland and Peterborough areas.

Tim Carey


Director, Tim Carey, worked extensively in the international printing industry, working in Asia, Europe and the USA as a Sales Director for 17 years, gaining a wide and varied wealth of sales, marketing and management skills.

After suffering a accident in 2009, in which Tim broke his neck and dislocated his spine, Tim underwent several months of rehabilitation where by the care he received was a contributing factor in regain the full use of his mobility.

The ability to gain access to and receive high quality care, be it for physical disabilities or mental issues and illnesses, is crucial to people being able to led full and productive lives, Tim understands firsthand the impact this has and how beneficial it is.

Together with Leisa, Tim is passionate about delivering the highest quality of care to all their customers and making a positive impact on their lives.

Having had our own personal experiences of finding and using care, we know just how important it is to find good quality care, that is personal to you. Ensuring your understand the needs and wants of your customers is paramount to delivering a quality care service, and that’s exactly what we do. Ensuring that each customer is treated as an individual understanding the customer’s needs, wants and their objectives in receiving care. We believe in treating each customer with courtesy and recognizing their own likes and dislikes. This belief ensures that our customers get the care they need and ask for. We chose Bluebird Care as we firmly believe in the company’s ethos, values and views on how care should be provided and the basics of high quality customer service. We are here to provide the highest, most dignified, and professional service that our customers require, want and need.

Julie Mair

Head of Care & Operations

My name is Julie and I have over 20 years of experience working as a Registered Care Manager as well working in the charity sector. 

My drive and passion is centred around driving customer and carer quality. I rejoined Bluebird Care (Peterborough & Stamford) last October as their beliefs and values are aligned with mine. It is an abolute privilege to be able to work alongside our staff, to ensure positve outcomes for our customers.

Juie works closely with her team to ensure our care team and customers are supported,and policies and procedures are met through quality assurance.

Jen Galloway

Care Coordinator

Jen has been in care for a number of years.  Since joining Bluebird Care in 2023 as a valued member of our front line Carer Team, Jen has worked through the Bluebird Care Career Journey, and has now been promoted to Care Coordinator.   Jen says:

“Bluebird Care really shines through the values of person-centred care and delivering a high standard of service to their customers and making sure everyone is valued in the team, I feel proud to be a part of the Bluebird family”.

Kirsty Youngman

Community Care Manager

Kirsty is a valued member of our team, joining our team of Community Care Managers.  Kirsty helps to ensure the best care with our existing and new customers through setting up on personal care and support plans, reviews of care to ensure that all care is meeting their care needs.

Kirsty is also a key support to our Care Team, for both domiciliary and live in care, helping and supporting them to deliver the best care through management support, training, and care.

Michelle Teeson

Customer Care Manager

Michelles original career was in retail, as well as  volunteering as a Samaritan. I have always been passionate about wanting to make a difference in peoples everyday lives, similar to the passion I had of making the difference I gained being a Samaritan, and I have never looked back.

When I joined Bluebird Care, I was new to care – and certainly hit the ground running, it did not take me long before I realised, I had found my calling!

I started in Bluebird Care as a part time carer.   I gained great pride and job satisfaction in my work knowing I was making a difference everyday with the customers I supported, it wasn’t long before I progressed along the Bluebird Care career pathway and completed my NVQ in Health and Social care,

As a Community Care Manager, no two days are the same!  I help new customers navigate starting care by completing new customers assessments and creating their person centred care package, getting them up and running.  It's such a wonderful feeling seeing the customers thrive and enjoy the care and support you have arranged and put in place.  Supporting our  our carers delivering the customers care and support needs, is a delightful feeling. Seeing the customer often take a complete 360 change as the correct care and support is in place, is the most rewarding feeling for me.

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