Meet the team

Jan Walsh


Born and raised in Merseyside, Jan established Bluebird St Helens back in 2014. Jan is passionate about providing the highest quality of domiciliary care in the borough and understands just what it takes to do so.

With a sprinkle of amazing care staff, and a pinch of leading office staff, Jan understood the ingredients it would take for this franchise to truly succeed. From its inception the business has grown from strength to strength, with Jan leading the way as being someone who everyone enjoys working for.

Jan’s dedication to core values, resounds throughout the teams - understanding that being part of Bluebird Care St Helens is not just a career, but a vocation.

With a background in accountancy, lending invaluable support to local businesses, Jan is sensitive for the need to provide cost effective in-home personal care for your loved ones, whilst never compromising on standards.

A dedicated family woman sympathetic to the needs of others, Jan motivates the company to deliver on Bluebird Cares promise of “Good Old Fashioned Service” at all times.

Clare Armstrong


Clare joined Bluebird Care St Helens in May 2015 and has since successfully navigated through roles and broadened her experience in the sector. Starting out as the Coordinator, Clare showed the enthusiasm and passion to progress through from Supervisor, Operations Manager, and ultimately to Managing Director in 2018.

 With a background in accountancy, Clare is meticulous in ensuring the highest quality of organisation and compliance are met and delivers this out to the team.

Clare has a clear drive to always learn and know as much as she possibly can - a trait that has led to her recent completion of her NVQ Level 5 Qualification in Health and Social Care.

Clare is an integral asset to the business. She has a fantastic understanding of the care sector and is constantly ensuring we are meeting both the customers, and staff needs. 

Hayley Allen

Registered Care Manager

Hayley joined Bluebird Care St Helens in 2016 and has truly encompassed everything required and more to be part of the team. Beginning her career with us as an apprentice Hayley quickly showed all the potential to truly grow into everything it meant to be a Bluebird.

Within 12 months, Hayley displayed both the work ethic and willing, to not only progress to Supervisor, but also further progress into the Co-ordinator Role of the business.

Now 4 years on, Hayley successfully carries out the role of Registered Manager of the St Helens Office. With a constant drive to always be better, Hayley has recently completed her NVQ Level 5 in Health and Social Care.

Hayley was often described as ‘Bluebirds Delight’ by many of the customers she visited, and has never forgotten what it takes to brighten someone’s day, whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism. Hayley has all the characteristics required to be approachable as a Manager, whilst always still maintaining the standards expected by Bluebird Care.

Clare Toole

Deputy Manager

Clare joined Bluebird St Helens in 2016, starting a new career as a Care Assistant. Having previously being successful in the Health and Beauty Sector, Clare was looking to embark on a new challenge.

It was soon evident that Clare had chosen a new path perfect for her, quickly becoming a favourite amongst staff and customers alike. By 2017 Clare had advanced into the role of Supervisor where she became the business ‘go-to’ for both customer and colleague queries. The rapport she built was second to none, a trait which served her well when applying for a further promotion to Care Co-Ordinator.

Currently Deputy Manager of our St Helens Office, Clare says she has enjoyed the journey this new career has brought her, and looks forward to what comes next. Clare has successfully completed her NVQ Level 5.

Caitlin Bradley

Training and Staff Development Manager

Caitlin joined Bluebird Care St Helens in the Summer of 2018 after successful completion of a degree in Social Policy. A start that served her well when the opportunity arose for a promotion to Supervisor. Caitlin continued to show promise, and with such an approachable demeanour was the perfect candidate to apply for the Training Manager role when the business restructure occurred. With an AET Qualification now firmly under her belt, Caitlin trains all our staff, and ensures she herself is always fully up to date when it comes to any advancements in the area and how things should be done. Caitlin is a fantastic member of the team and always has a smile on her face ready to greet our new inductees, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to be the person to introduce new staff to the Bluebird Cares way of working!

Becky Morris

Co Ordinator

Becky is one of the newest members of the St Helens Team having come from a background in Hospitality and Management. During the pandemic, Becky thought it was the best time to begin a career in care that had always interested her. She was blown away by the company, and how far it really went for its customers. She said ‘Bluebird Care provides so much more than what I thought a care company would’ and loves when a customer calls to let her know how the carer that day has brightened it for them. Becky is chief ‘Positive Pants’ and is always focused on looking at the good in situations. Becky is about to train our second Co-Ordinator, and looks forward to being a part of the expanding team.

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