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Our live-in care service makes it possible for people who require continued support to remain at home.  With the assistance of our well trained and professional live-in personal assistants, people have the choice of staying in their own home, by having a personal assistant who can cater for all their personal and practical care requirements in a holistic manner. Please listen here to learn how our Live in Care Services have had a positive impact through the testimonial of one of our Live in Care Customer's sons Terry Chimes. 

It is important to point out that we employ a full-time Live-In Care Manager to actively manage this aspect of our business. This role is critical to ensure that our live-in services continue to properly meet the needs of our customers by fully understanding their requirements. The Live-In Care manager and local office Supervisors conduct on-going and active supervision in the field, this ensures that our care staff are given the appropriate respite, and meets with our customers on a regular basis so that we are immediately responsive to any changes needed in the care delivered.

A key part of our homecare and support service is to get to know the unique qualities and characteristics of each customer. We want to know about your interests and hobbies and the experiences that light up your life.

We will then try and match you with a home care worker who shares your interests.  Being supported by someone who understands your passions gives that extra encouragement to keep your mind stimulated and your heart fulfilled. Click on the you tube widget below to listen to one of our Live in Care assistants Fikret speaking about a typical day in the life for a live in care assistant. 

To find out more information about our Care At Home services please contact us on 0208 989 8444 or take a look at our FAQ series below.

What is Live-in Care?

How many hours does a Live-in carer work?

How do I start the process of finding a Live in Care Assistant?

What sort of things can my Live in Care Assistant do?

Can I take my Live in Care Assistant on Holiday with me?

Can my Live in carer help with additional duties such as cleaning and gardening?

Can we choose if we will have a male or female Live in Care Assistant?

Can we meet our live in care assistant prior to starting care?

How does Live in Care work at Christmas time?

What are the payment arrangements for Live in Care?

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