Meet the team

Gemma Wagstaff

Rostering & Relationship Supervisor

I joined Bluebird Care in October 2020 as an evening care assistant as I love helping people and making a difference in people's life. Following a successful appraisal, I have been promoted to the new role of Rostering  & Relationship Supervisor in November 2022. During my time to date, I love my job and the team I work with!

Charmaigne Biggs

Senior Carer

Charmaigne has been part of the Bluebird Care Redbridge team for over 12 years. When Charmaigne joined our team she had a very limited experience in the care industry. Through determination, passion for her job and support from the rest of the team, Charmaigne has progressed to become a fantastic senior care supervisor and a great member of our team.

To assist Charmaigne in her Career journey she has successfully completed her Level 2 and 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care, is always attentive in update training and also attends extra support sessions to ensure she can fully engage with her role as a senior care supervisor. Charmaigne applies her knowledge to support our customers and care assistants in the community, for example, if a customers needs have changed, Charmaigne will complete a review and report any changes back to the relevant office personnel. Further she will support care assistants in the field by allowing new care assistants to shadow her or by answering any questions they may have.

When I first came to Bluebird Care I did not know much about care, but this was not a problem, Bluebird taught me everything I needed to know! I have now progressed into a senior role and therefore I have greater responsibility. I love this role as it means I still get to work in my local community but get to do tasks which challenge me.

Maryann Cleaver & Hannah Lakey

Live-in Care Team

It is important to us all that we dedicate our full time role's to the management of Live in Care for our customers and our Live in Care assistant's, to ensure this aspect of our business is managed effectively and to the highest of quality standards. 

Live in Care is classed as a significant purchase, and whilst more cost effective than a residential setting the management of each individual Live in Care package requires a lot of time and attention.  If you would like to learn more about how we manage our Live in Care Package's and support our Live in Care assistant’s please navigate to our Live in Care FAQ's under the useful information tab on our website.

Whilst we are all well experienced in this service, we never lose sight of the difference we make in our customer's life’s. Being able to remain safe at home is a dream of many of our customer's and their families.  We work to make that dream a reality, ensuring that the customer is safe, happy and living their life to their full potential in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Layla Ismail

Care Supervisor

My name is Layla Ismail and outside of work I enjoy making art (more of cartoon and graffiti), going to art exhibitions, and just spending time with family and friends. As of recently, I have taken an interest in travelling to see more of the world. 

I come from a family of nurses so looking after people was already in my nature. What really made me get in to care and medical science was when my dad needed 24hour care after being in a car accident. Throughout his years of care, I’ve met a lot of medical staff and watching everything they did to help him with everyday life as well as help my family, it did inspire me to be apart of care. I also took a degree in Biomedical science but, after being in a laboratory by myself with specimens, I came to realise that I liked being with people and being in the front line of care.

When working for my old company, a new service user who has Parkinson’s and Osteoarthritis in both legs came on as he just came from the hospital. He went into hospital for a long period of time due to falling and was kept in bed so long, his mobility had decreased. Physiotherapists had come and had given him exercises to follow between visits to strengthen his legs. Due to him being scared of falling, my double up and I would make time within his call to watch him as he does his exercises as he was determine to walk again. After months of watching him do his exercises, he was assessed and was able to be transferred using a sara steady to his armchair which made it easier for him to do his exercises but, we still would watch him as he was still scared to do it himself. After a year of exercising, he is now able to walk even without aid. I hope to use my background in both homecare and nursing home to understand customers’ needs and wants along with what the carers can provide. With that, I can ensure care can be given effectively.  I also enjoy talking and getting to know customers and finding out what they were doing and what they were like before falling ill as I like to separate the customers condition from their own identities as it doesn’t define them. Service users from my old job would tell me that they always liked talking to me as I take time to understand them and we don’t really talk about their conditions.


Sam Archer

Learning and Development Manager

I have worked in the care sector for the last 13 years in several different areas of health and social care including domiciliary care, adult social care, caring for children and young people with disabilities, complex medical needs and specialising in safeguarding children and adults. I have a passion for Teaching and Learning and helping others achieve their aspirations. Mostly recently I have been working with learners to achieve their Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications in Health and Social Care. Within my job role, supporting others to develop their skills and knowledge and seeing that progression over a number of years has made me desire to work within the Education and Training field of the care sector. I find great satisfaction in using my experiences and knowledge to empower others to be the best they can be and in turn provide exceptional care for our customers.

Victoria Cleaver

Finance and Accounts Team

"I have been at Bluebird Care since 2014 and I am fortunate to love my job and be a part of an ‘outstanding’ team. My role is more than a “traditional finance” role, which makes it very rewarding role"

The team get the opportunity to meet customers and employees and it’s amazing feeling knowing that as a team we have made a positive difference to someone’s life and been there to support them – may that be our customers, their families or a Bluebird Care employee.

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