Our In-Home & Live-In Care Solutions

Bluebird Care based in Maidstone provide a range of Care Solutions designed to increase your quality of life whilst staying in your family home.

In-Home Care Solutions

Having a paid carer visit you at home can significantly enhance your daily life, particularly if mobility challenges hinder your movements. Such assistance can be pivotal in allowing you to continue living independently within your familiar surroundings.

This service is often referred to as in-home care, homecare, domiciliary care, or sometimes simply as home help.

The cost for homecare services typically starts at less than £30 an hour, though prices can vary depending on your location and the level of services you require. In certain situations, the local council might offer financial support towards these costs.

The flexibility of in-home care is one of its major advantages. Whether you need a carer for just an hour a week or several hours daily, or even a live-in carer, the service can be tailored to your needs. Furthermore, this support can be short-term, perhaps while you recuperate from a health setback, or it can extend into a long-term arrangement.

In-Home Care Solutions

Which In-Home Care Solution is Best for You?

When choosing a care solution for your personal needs it’s imperative to understand your unique needs, the amount of independence you value, and the level of care you require. 

If you find that you only need support for specific parts of the day, such as assistance with meal preparation, personal hygiene, or reminders for medication, then at-home care might be best suited for you. This type of care allows you to stay in your familiar surroundings, surrounded by your memories and belongings. It allows you to remain independent and in control of your daily routine.

However, if your health needs are more demanding, needing constant attention and support, you should consider live-in care. With this arrangement, a carer would be present in your home around the clock and providing care during the waking hours,or if needed 24 hour care is also available. Such continuous care can be invaluable in case of emergencies and also provides constant companionship, which can be comforting and help combat feelings of loneliness.

You should take time to weigh the benefits of each option against your personal needs and preferences. Remember, the best choice is the one that ensures your well-being, comfort, and peace of mind.

How Can You Benefit from an In-Home Care Solution?

Bluebird Care offers bespoke home care services, designed to cater to individual needs. We aim to help you live comfortably and securely in your own home, amidst familiar belongings and cherished memories.

Our adaptive domiciliary care ranges from brief check-in visits, personal care sessions, to comprehensive 24-hour or live-in care. Whether you need temporary assistance after an illness, a replacement while your regular carer takes a break, or you're at the onset of your care journey that may eventually require long-term support, we're here for you.

Our trained home care assistants are proficient in:

  • Morning routines: Assisting you in starting your day right, including getting up, washing, dressing, and enjoying a wholesome breakfast.
  • Medication support: Offering reminders and assistance with medication, alongside collecting or returning prescriptions from the pharmacy or GP.
  • Meal assistance: Preparing meals alongside or for you and aiding during meal times.
  • Errand support: Assisting with pension collection, shopping, and not just purchasing but also helping with the list creation and putting away the items.
  • Home maintenance: Ensuring your home remains neat with tasks like laundry, ironing, and general cleaning.
  • Social engagement: Supporting social endeavours such as walks, day centre visits, catching up with friends or family, or attending community gatherings and clubs.
  • Personal pampering: Providing that extra touch of care when needed - arranging for baths, ensuring clean clothes, refreshing bed linens, and preparing thoughtful evening meals.
  • Night routines: Assisting in wrapping up the day and ensuring you're comfortably settled for bed.

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