Customer stories

Customer Case Study - Peter Hemstock

“Without the visits we receive from Bluebird Care - we just wouldn’t cope”

In 2013 Mr Hemstock suffers a severe stroke

Mr and Mrs Hemstock were on holiday abroad with their grandchildren when Peter sadly suffers a stroke leaving him with right sided weakness and impaired memory. These lasting effects, combined with pre-existing blindness in one eye from epileptic fits, result in Julie his wife leaving her job as a Nurse to become his full time carer.  

Stroke strikes again in 2014

A year after Peter’s attack, Julie suffers from a stroke whilst at home. After a prolonged stay in hospital she is discharged to her daughter’s home where Peter has been staying.

Peter and Julie’s daughter provides invaluable support for her parents but in September 2014 it becomes clear that Julie needs more assistance with caring for Peter as she now tires easily. 

Bluebird Care provide respite support

We provide several visits a week to Peter to provide his wife with respite and the opportunity to do simple things like leave the house to have a haircut. Both Peter and Julie have said that without our support they just wouldn’t cope.
Although Peter’s short term memory has been affected by the stroke his long term memory remains good and he hasn’t lost his competitive streak – often challenging our Care Workers to a game of scrabble (which he rarely loses!).

Customer Engagement

Bluebird Care organise regular customer trips out which Peter loves to attend – he has a very sociable character and our other customers really enjoy spending time with him. These trips also provide additional respite for his wife.

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