The job of a care coordinator

One of the most important job roles within any domiciliary care company is the care coordinator.  It is my job to complete care workers rotas on a weekly basis, ensuring that all the customers at Bluebird Care (Eastbourne & Wealden) have a care worker who has the relevant training and experience required to carry out their requirements.

When a new customer starts with the company, it is my job to find the most suitable care worker to match the needs of the new customer, and to ensure that they are available to visit that customer on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter where the customer is located from Eastbourne to Crowborough, in rain and snow I must ensure the care in delivered efficiently.

I have an excellent relationship with all care staff, communication is key to my job role, and I communicate every day with care workers by telephone, email and face to face. Although this is a high pressured position, I feel it is very important to take time out to spend time with the care workers, enjoying a coffee break when the care workers come into the office is vital to maintaining a great relationship, and ensuring I know the person I am sending out to the customers, allowing me to make a successful care worker, customer match. Also ensuring the carer work knowledge is about to understand and work with customers with Parkinson’s, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, and motor neurones for example.

Continuity is vital to ensure that customers develop a good relationship with their regular care worker. This bond of trust is vital to this relationship and allows the care worker to carry out the customer’s requirements. In many cases assisting with personal care, which I know myself I would not want a stranger providing for me. It is important for every customer to feel confident and comfortable with the care worker during every task. This is a very time consuming part of my role, as there are many variables, care worker sickness, and day to day traffic impacting on this on a daily basis. 

Sarah Cummings
(Care Coordinator)

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