Bringing even more quality to training

What an excellent idea! Part of the ethos of Bluebird Care (Eastbourne and Wealden) is to do care in the right way therefore having the new Care Certificate (introduced on 1st April 2015) will enable us to give continuous training to all staff of varying degrees of experience and to those who have no experience at all.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) introduced the Self Assessment document and is a great idea as it gives the Registered Manager a true account of what the Care Givers believe their knowledge and ability is.

All staff at Bluebird Care (Eastbourne and Wealden) are very excited about the new training modules which incorporate the new standards and so far have found it exciting to have new goals to work towards, which for me as a Registered Manager is heart warming to know that our team of Care Givers do in fact want to give care in the right way and use their knowledge and skills in the best interests of our customers.

A day something learned is a day not wasted and Bluebird Care are making their workshops fun to be a part of. Training does not have to be boring; role playing and interacting in a group brings out the best in our staff and gives them a new found confidence when they are complimented by their peers in knowing what to do in a crisis or when dealing with varying degrees of Dementia for example.

We employ qualified trainers as well as one with full accreditation with the Local Authority. Our training will take place all over the region in Eastbourne, Heathfield and Uckfield.

So anyone out there working in care who feels they don’t receive enough training and lack confidence because they are not sure how to deal with their customers should look at our website and give me a call and perhaps you could join Bluebird Care and learn how to give care in the right way, or simply pop into our office for a chat.

If there are any people who have concerns about their current care provider, please feel free to talk to us and see how we deliver care in the right way.

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