Coronation Memories With 101 Year Old Dorothy

We recently visited 101 year old Dorothy who shared her experience of the late Queen's coronation.


We recently visited 101 year old Dorothy who shared her experience of the late Queen's coronation.

As the country gears up for the King's coronation on May 6th, 101-year-old Dorothy, one of our customers, is eagerly anticipating the historic event.

Team Leader, Coral Taylor recently visited Dorothy who has fond memories of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and feels particularly connected to the Royal Family after receiving her birthday card from the late Queen Elizabeth II (pictures).

Dorothy is proud to be 11 months older than the BBC and remembers watching the late Queen's coronation on a relatives’ TV in 1953 (where TV had only been around for a short while). It was a real treat, and she remembers feeling so close to the goings on in the Cathedral itself.

Dorothy recalls how people stood quietly and respectfully in the road for the Queen's coronation, the day after Queen Elizabeth II coronation she was able to witness the Queen and her husband driving out of Buckingham palace to wave at the nation the morning after the coronation.

Dorothy, who will be watching King Charles’ coronation in complete silence, is excited about the prospect of hearing the choirs sing at the cathedral on the day. Dorothy explained that:

I can't wait to see the grandeur of the coronation, it will be a momentous occasion for the country.

We are proud to have Dorothy as one of our customers and are committed to providing the best possible care.

Sarah Cummings, Care Coordinator at Bluebird Care Eastbourne & Wealden explained: 

We are delighted to have Dorothy with us. It’s a privilege to support her to live well and celebrate special moments like this.

The Bluebird Care Eastbourne & Wealden team are looking forward to celebrating the King's coronation with Dorothy and ensuring that she has the best possible experience. It’s essential to celebrate special moments like these, especially for those who have lived through significant periods in history.