Celebrating our Bluebird Care Eastbourne & Wealden Care Heroes

Published: 16/06/2020

Instead of doing our usual Carer of the Month award, for June we have decided to celebrate and thank all our wonderful carers at Bluebird care Eastbourne who have worked so hard during lockdown.

We have decided not to do care assistant of the month for June but to simply celebrate and thank all of our carers who have worked amazingly throughout lockdown. Even when the world was at a standstill you kept on going to provide a high standard of care and support during the pandemic. Sarah’s daughter Mia helped her pack an individual goodie bag for those of you  who have done above and beyond during this unusual time.

The gifts and message on the front reads:  A Face mud masks to help you relax. Re-usable ice cubes to keep your drinks cool while working. A torch to show you the way through this challenging time. Love Hearts & Chocolates, because you are sweet and lovely.

Please enjoy, Best Wishes from Bluebird Care Eastbourne & Wealden.