Health & Wellbeing Checks with Bluebird Care Eastbourne & Wealden

Published: 30/08/2019

We're proud to announce a unique new service, Bluebird Care Assist, Health and Wellbeing Check which will be offered as part of our Live-in Care Service.

Bluebird Care (Eastbourne and Wealden) is proud to announce a unique new service, Bluebird Care Assist, Health and Wellbeing Check. It has been specially developed to assist GPs and CCGs by providing wellbeing checks (vitals monitoring) at home.

This is in direct response to the NHS’s national campaign to improve detection and treatment of the major causes of cardiovascular disease including high cholesterol and blood pressure so it’s sure to be a popular service.

We have specially trained Care Champions that can visit your home on a weekly basis to check your vitals and have a chat to find out more about you and your wellbeing. 

As part of the service the Care Champion will check the following vital signs:

✔️ Blood pressure and pulse
✔️ Temperature
✔️ Breathing and oxygen saturation
✔️ Alertness
✔️ General wellbeing assessment

This unique service can spot early signs of a decline in a customer’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Getting help quickly could prevent further deterioration and the need to go to hospital.

How You or Your Loved One Can Benefit?

This service will be offered Free of Charge to all our Live-in Care Customers.

  • Results are recorded digitally using Bluetooth enabled equipment
  • Results can instantly determine if any action needs to be taken
  • Bluebird Care can quickly notify a family member or health professional 
Frequently Asked Questions

How often do the Health & Wellbeing checks take place?

The visits can be as often as your needs require. We can provide the Health and Wellbeing Checks as a standalone service, part of a tailor-made package of care or as an addition to an existing package of care.

How do I arrange a care service with Bluebird Care?

Call us and talk to one of our friendly professionals today. Once we have had an initial chat with you, we will happily arrange to come and see you and have a face to face chat.