Advice on surviving Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner we've written a short article on surviving Halloween for the elderly or vulnerable.

This Saturday the 31st October, children around the UK will head out in their local community to ‘trick or treat’. Whilst most people are happy to open the door and dish out a few sweet treats to these kids, others who may be elderly or vulnerable can find this a very difficult and intimidating time of year.

What to expect

Unless you live in a very rural area or a secure block of flats, you’re likely to have a few children knocking on your door as part of their Halloween trick or treating, this should be in good humour and they should be accompanied by adults.

If you don’t want to get involved

If you’d rather not get involved, you can display this poster in your window or on your front door (click here to download).

Please do ask your Care Worker, family member or neighbour to help you with this.

In some places, trick or treaters won’t knock unless you are displaying a lit pumpkin outside your door or in your front window – so keeping your curtains closed means you’re unlikely to be bothered.

If you do open your door, take precautions such as using your spy-hole and putting your door-chain on if you’re not sure who is outside.

Let your Neighbourhood Watch coordinator know if you are worried about being alone on Halloween, or ask a neighbour if you can spend the evening with them if you feel very worried. Either way, keep the telephone number of a relative or friend to hand in case you need to phone them.

If you notice any suspicious activity during Halloween, call 101 to speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing team. There will be extra police patrols over the Halloween period, which will target people who cause criminal damage or behave in an anti-social manner.

In an emergency, when a crime is being committed or if there is a risk of injury or serious damage to property, dial 999.

Please also remember that Halloween may be a confusing and scary time for people living with conditions such as Dementia, so if you are concerned about a vulnerable relative, friend or neighbour please consider spending Halloween with them to provide reassurance and company.

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