Who is live-in care for?

Live-in Care is a bespoke service that can be tailored for each individual’s needs. Customers may choose to have a Live-In Care Assistant there to provide companionship and enable them to maintain their independent lifestyle. Others may require a high level of Care and don’t want to go into a residential home. We are able to assist a range of customers including couples, the elderly and young adults.

Live-in Care is for anyone who needs a high level of support but wants to stay in their own home. We provide one-to-one bespoke support for couples, the elderly and young adults.



We can support couples to stay in their own home while still providing complete flexibility of care. We understand that when one person becomes unwell it can be a very stressful time, without the added worry of wondering if they may need consider a residential home for 24 hour care.

A Live-In Care Assistant can provide different levels of care depending on the persons needs. For example, if the wife requires full support with her personal care and medication but the husband requires only mild assistance, the Live-In Care Assistant will work to support these two different levels of need.

There is also excellent financial incentives with this type of arrangement as it typically works out at a lower cost than paying for two bedrooms or a double room within a residential home.


Hospital discharge

The desire to get home quickly after a stay in hospital can be a strong one for people. Our Live-In Care   Service Manager is able to react quickly and effectively to our Customers’ needs to ensure that they can be back in their own home as quickly as possible. Our Live-In Care Assistants can support Customers’ at the time when they are most in need. Customers have the reassurance that there is someone there to keep a constant eye on their health and react quickly to any changes. Our Live-In Care Assistants work alongside General Practitioners, District Nurses and Occupational Therapists to assist Customers with a speedy and safe recovery. 


Young adults (18+) 

Live-In Care isn’t just for elderly people, it can also be for young adults who want to live and maintain an independent lifestyle. As well as providing assistance with personal care and medication the Live-In Care Assistant can also assist with things like going shopping or to the cinema. They can even assist Customers to go to University or College if required.


Changing from regular at home community care

Sometimes our Customers need a little bit more support than they are able to get from Community Care (also called Domiciliary Care). When Customers are receiving multiple visits per day they can find it restrictive to their daily activities and can often receive a range of different Care Workers who don’t know them personally or their routine. By having a Live-In Care Assistant the Customer has total flexibility over their daily routine and is able to build up a strong relationship with the Live-In Care Assistant. 



Dementia and increased confusion is a common reasons that Customers have a Live-In Care Assistant, when it is no longer safe or practical for them to be living alone, or the strain on a loved one is too much.

A Live-In Care Assistant is able to mitigate several of the common risks that are associated with dementia including; wandering, forgetting about things like turning off the oven and not taking medication correctly.   They are also able to reduce general distress and confusion that can be a side effect of Dementia.


Preventing Falls

Falling is a major concern for people with mobility issues and the elderly, especially when they are living on their own. By having a Live-In service, Customers can be reassured that the Live-In Care Assistant is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist them if they have a fall and to raise the alarm for them.



If a person is having regular care or living in a Residential Home but dreams of going on holiday with family or friends then Bluebird Care Exeter and East Devon can arrange for a Live-In Care Assistant to accompany them whilst they are away. The Live-In Care Assistant can support with personal care, medication and general assistance on outings.


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