[BLOG] Moments in Music

Published: 22/05/2019

Corinne Bailey, Soundwaves Music, writes about the work they do supporting inspiring young musicians who are differently abled across Exeter discover and work on their love of music and performing.

In our latest guest blog, Corinne Bailey from Soundwaves Music writes about the work they do and how they're supporting inspiring young musicians who are differently abled across Exeter discover and work on their love of music and performing,

Soundwaves Music won our Q3 Community Grant award and we're delighted to welcome them back in this guest blog.

Moments in Music

Corinne Bailey

Are there not moments in everyone’s lives when we all wonder what being a Popstar might feel like? Do we all have a collective memory of singing in front of the bathroom mirror with a hairbrush pretending it’s our microphone? The imagery is very common so leads us to believe that indeed this is quite possibly a shared fantasy amongst a lot of us; to be the lead singer in that famous band. To hear the roar of an audience after the last chord has been played, to celebrate our music and musical talent and to be recognised publicly for that talent?
If we all have a secret desire to be a pop star for a moment in time, then at Soundwaves we work hard at making those moments. For all of us who attend we can have the opportunity to feel that buzz, that adrenaline, and to be celebrated for our talents.
Over the week we facilitate two groups, one small and one super-sized. The aim of the project is to provide opportunities for people of differing abilities to make music and to be inspired by music to help us to interact and build friendships with others.

We mainly write our own songs and compositions and thoroughly enjoy performing them at any opportunity we can get. We use dance and drama to express ourselves too and these mediums in turn, help our physical and emotional health. When we get together we all feel a sense of positivity and there is both a sense of group and individual satisfaction from the time spent making music.
Soundwaves really believes that anyone can give music a try; that here are no rules to playing an instrument or writing a song. We have musicians working in the groups who can help people create a structure to a song that the group member is happy with, but it is important to the project that the ideas come from the group members themselves and they feel their contribution is valued and valid.

People surprise us every week. Someone will shine, will show a talent, a passion for a particular song or piece of music and their sheer joy and total commitment takes over in the moment. It is a privilege to watch that person develop their confidence and to know that the support and encouragement in the room from their peers, will boost them to step onto centre stage. There are moments of pure brilliance in every session.

Our sessions are two hours long, and can be noisy, energised or quiet and reflective. We welcome Volunteers who may want to come and help. Our Volunteers really bring an amazing benefit to Soundwaves. In the large group particularly, on a Saturday morning, Volunteers can make a big difference to the group. They help and support people to participate and can be a side by side enabler for someone who needs a little bit of extra help. The role can be as flexible as the volunteer, meaning volunteers may or may not be musical, but all contributions are valid and we always need people to help make the tea!
There is nothing more exciting than rehearsing up new songs and then taking them on the road in a true rock and roll fashion. Getting out and performing our work is something we try and do at least twice a year, maybe more often if we can fundraise to make it happen.
Our recent Tour took us, this last year, to the Cygnet Theatre in Exeter, to busking in Princesshay Shopping Precinct, to a Festival organised by D’Arts and to Exeter Respect festival where we opened the Community stage, following leading the procession around the site at Belmont Park in Exeter.

We also like to go to gigs too if we can, although this is more difficult because of funding challenges. Being a small local charity we have to fundraise all year round to try and raise enough money to keep going and that means we have to prioritise what we want to do most. However, when Coldplay came to Exeter a few years ago now and performed an intimate gig at Exeter Castle, a few of us got invited along and were privileged to watch their performance.
If you would like to know more about what we do or think you may be able to help us with fundraising or volunteering at the Saturday group, then we would love to hear from you.
We don’t have a website at the moment but do have a Facebook and Twitter page if you want to follow what we do. For a conversation please call Adrian on 01392 412426 Mondays or Fridays and he can answer any questions.
Facebook: soundwavesmusicproject
Twitter: soundwaves_exe