Advice on registering as a vulnerable customer

It has been increasingly harder to get an online delivery slot since the UK went into lockdown earlier this year. Supermarkets have been working with the government to ensure that those who are classed as extremely vulnerable get access to delivery slots as a priority.

If you’ve not been able to get a delivery slot, or need a little help knowing what is available, read on to find out more.

What does extremely vulnerable mean?

You can read the full list of pre-existing conditions that are classified as making a person extremely vulnerable on the government website. This means that the person is at a high risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

People who fall into this group should have received a letter from the government around the time when lockdown was introduced across the UK.

I didn’t get a letter, but I am extremely vulnerable?

If you did not receive a letter, but think you qualify as extremely vulnerable you can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else, via the relevant government website:

Which supermarkets are offering delivery slots for vulnerable customers?


If you were on the governments list of vulnerable people, Tesco should’ve been in touch with you by email. If you haven’t been contacted but need a delivery slot as you have no other way of getting food then you can call 0800 917 7359.


Sainbury’s has identified people classed as vulnerable for priority home delivery and should have contacted them by email. This supermarket has also introduced a one-hour delivery service called Chop Chop, which can be used for a top-up shop of up to 20 items. This service has a £4.99 delivery fee.


ASDA has contacted over 91,000 vulnerable people with an ASDA linked email address to offer delivery slots free of charge. If you meet the criteria but haven’t had contact from ASDA there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Log into your ADSA account and make sure you name, address and contact details match the information the government has for you
  2. If you are eligible but don’t have an ASDA account, but someone in your household does, ask if they can change the details so they match yours


Waitrose has contacted all customers over 70 to offer them and other vulnerable people priority slots. Waitrose is currently working with the government to try and find ways to reach out to those on the governments list of vulnerable people. 


Morrisons is offering delivery through its website as well as its Amazon Prime store. To make shopping online easier the supermarket has also introduced a range of food boxes which can be delivered.


Iceland are only allowing online orders to be made by customers who are over state pension age, self-isolating or otherwise vulnerable. When you visit the website a pop-up will ask you if you fall into any of these categories, if you state ‘yes’ you’ll be able to request a delivery slot.

Marks and Spencer’s

A new delivery service is now available via Deliveroo with a £4.99 delivery charge. The delivery should only take 30 minutes. Deliveroo can be downloaded on your App Store, or accessed via their website

What can I do if I’m not on the vulnerable customers list, but cannot leave my home?

  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to collect your shopping for you
  • Contact the Mutual Aid group in your area for support
  • Some local greengrocers, corner shops, butchers and other small businesses are offering delivery. If you Google the local greengrocer you can give them a ring to see if they can drop anything off for you
  • Check out your local council website, this should have information on the help they are providing to people who can’t leave their house

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