Why live-in care?

Live-in Care is one of the most popular services that we provide but despite this, many people are still unsure about what it is and what the service can offer for customers and their families.

What is Live-in Care?

Put simply, Live-in Care is usually required when someone starts having difficulties doing a variety of tasks around the home for themselves.

Often, at this stage, many people will begin to look at residential care.  However, our service is specifically designed for this eventuality and allows the customer to remain in the familiar, comfortable setting of their own home whilst getting the assistance that they require to stay safe and keep their individual weekly routine.

If you are considering a residential home, why not try a 2 week Live-In trial first to help you make an informed decision.

Our Live-in Carers are able to provide help with a range of tasks. These may include assistance with personal care such as washing, dressing and getting out of bed and domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping. Also, an important part of the role is to offer companionship and to help the customer maintain their social and family commitments. 

Our Live-in Carers will stay in your home day and night to ensure that all the help you require can be given whenever it is required. This ensures that you have the protection of having someone around for help in any eventuality.

We provide continuity of care by providing the customer with a regular Carer to enable the customer to build a strong relationship, a relationship we believe is vital to providing the best quality care on a personalised level.

Prior to starting care our Care Supervisor and Live-in Carer will visit you as a means of a ‘meet and greet’, and as an introduction to the service. We would work with the customer and their family to formulate a care plan specific to the customer’s needs, likes and dislikes. The care plan will be reviewed regularly to reflect any changing needs or additional requirements the customer may have. 

Health & Wellbeing Check Service

We now offer a Health and Wellbeing Check Service at Bluebird Care Lewes District, Brighton and Hove as part of our Live-in Care Service.   

This involves a 30-minute visit from one of our professional care champions to track your key vital signs such as Blood pressure and pulse, Breathing and oxygen saturation, Temperature, Alertness and General wellbeing; to help support you by alerting you, a family member and your key healthcare professionals to any changes or spot early signs of decline to give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Find out more.

Who is Live-in Care for?

There are a range of circumstances where a customer may find a Live-in Carer beneficial:

✔ The majority of our customers are older people who often appreciate the companionship as much as the care we provide.

✔ There are circumstances where younger people will also require Live-in Care; Usually when they have a physical disability that limits their mobility to do everyday tasks. Moving away to university may require the services of a Live-in carer to ensure the customer can live the way they would have when at home.

✔ Live-in Care is also suitable to those that would find moving into a care home confusing or difficult to adapt to. Staying at home means the customer can continue their normal routine in a familiar environment.

✔ We often find that older couples prefer to stay together in their home too rather than go into a care home. The benefit here is that our Live-in Carer can provide care for two people, so saving money.

✔ Some of our customers don’t have many/any family members around to care for them; their families may live away or work full-time. In some instances the customer simply doesn’t want to bother their family.

✔ There are times when Live-in Care is required for short periods of time. This could be following a discharge from the hospital to help with the transition. Our Live-in Carers can help with personal care; assist with medication, rehabilitation and the tasks around the house.

✔ Our Live-in Carers can also cover periods of respite.

What are the Benefits of Live-In Care?

Below, are the top 6 benefits of having a Live-in Carer, as highlighted by our customers and their families: 

1. A dedicated one-to-one carer: 
Staying at home to receive care is not only comforting for the customer but also for the customer’s family as they can be reassured that their relative is getting dedicated (one to one) care. This is very different to a care home where the staff to customer ratio can be a lot higher and where agency staff are used routinely.

2. Maintaining  my routine: 
We like to ensure that you maintain your usual lifestyle. That’s why we ensure that your daily routine is continued and our care is designed to fit around your routine.

3. Staying in touch is easier: 
Communication with friends and family, just staying in touch, is much easier as there is a dedicated person with the customer as all times. There is no ‘commuting’ to the care home for the family when they wish to visit their relative. 

4. Fully trained carers: 
Our Live-in carers are specialist trained in various areas, such as Dementia, Stroke and Parkinson's care, for example. Our carers training is on-going which ensures they are always up-to-date and have best practice knowledge regarding approaches for different care needs.  

5. Affordability: 
Live-in Care is considerably cheaper than a care home. This ensures sustainability for the customer ensuring their savings last longer or income goes further.

6. I don’t want to leave my home: 
A care home setting is not right for all. Some can find them a scary and lonely place. Our Live-in Care service promotes familiarity and security. It provides peace of mind for both the customer and their family.

If you or someone close could benefit from the services of a Live-In Carer call our friendly team on 01273 022055 to find out more.


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