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We have a superb team at Bluebird Care (Lewes District, Brighton & Hove) and are very proud to be a regulated provider of care with associated inspection outcomes and reports, these are shown below.


Bluebird Care Lewes District CQC Report: 13th November 2019

We (CQC) found areas of outstanding practice in the effectiveness of the care provided by Bluebird Care Lewes.


People's experience of using this service:

People were happy with the care they received, felt relaxed with staff and told us they were treated with kindness. They said they felt safe and well supported.

Yes, they are lovely, they get me up safely and put me to bed safely. They are careful when getting me from bed to chair.

Overall, I am genuinely impressed, to keep [my relative] at home knowing they are wonderful carers is all we could wish for.

They make sure I have everything I need. They are polite, punctual and do their job well. They are respectful and keep the place tidy.

They sit and play games with me and we have a chat.

They are lovely, I cannot speak highly enough of them, all of them. They are gentle, caring and respectful, they are genuine people.

The carers who see [my relative] are lovely, it's really lovely to see a familiar face. We have the same group of carers, they arrive in good time and stay for the allocated time.

I definitely feel safe, they make sure I have everything I need.

They are very pleasant, very caring and patient with [my relative], they don't rush him.

They ask me what I need doing and leave me to do my own meals.

They always value [my relative's] needs and ask his opinion.

I choose my meals and drinks, and today for example, I have to have a soft diet and they are giving me soup.

Well they do what I need. They have training, as the manager told me they're all trained.

They [staff] helped me with a recent hospital visit.

They are always willing to add in extra calls if I am away, and happy to cancel without charge when I need to cancel them.

I don't have anyone to talk to, so they're lovely company, it's a life saver. I've been down a lot recently and they pick me back up again.

I have a main set of carers.

I don't know what I'd do without them, they are marvellous.

"We are very grateful to Bluebird Care, enabling [my relative] to live to 100 in her own home. She is content with her carers, she has known them a long time and has a good relationship with them, she trusts her carers 100%25.

It's very well run, I am always praising them.

On their experience of working for Bluebird Care, the care team said:

We always support each other and the office is always available for us.

The managers are great, we support the people we visit and they support us, they always listen.

We get enough travel time, so we can get to the calls when we are expected.

We talk to people, we read their care plans and we find out what they like and how they want things done. Even how much milk they want in their tea.

I always encourage people to do things for themselves. It may take a little more time, but we want them to remain independent.

There's enough staff and we usually get a reasonable amount of travel time.

The on call and the office always answer the phone, I'm always phoning them.

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This inspection took place on 20 August 2019, and the report was published on 13 November 2019.


Bluebird Care Brighton & Hove CQC Report: 12th March 2020

We (CQC) found areas of outstanding practice in the effectiveness of the care provided by Bluebird Care Brighton and Hove.


People's experience of using this service:

People told us they thought the service was well managed and they received high quality care that met their needs and improved their wellbeing from dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

I'm very happy with them. They are there when I need them, they've never let me down.

[My relative] has improved so much since he has been having Bluebird Care. The carers have opened up a whole new world to him, it's like he has a new family. They are very proactive, and they know exactly what to do, I'm so pleased with them.

I can't fault them, they make me very comfortable.

I'm very happy, I wouldn't change them and I'd recommend them to others.

We regularly review the care plan and they are quick to deal with any issues.

I have my regular carer, she's lovely, but the others they send when she's not working are all good.

I am very happy, they do everything I need and more, I'm lucky to have them.

They listen to me and do what I ask them.

The carers have really helped [my relative] they socialise with him and that has improved his social skills.

I get on well with them all. They are here for me, but we have a laugh.

On their experience of working for Bluebird Care, the care team said:

I love working here. Everyone is so supportive and nothing is too much trouble.

We're always listened to by the office and the managers, they support us.

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This inspection took place on 29 January 2020, and the report was published on 12 March 2020.