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Mrs S Son commended your staff on the excellent service provision. He stated that staff have gone through the house and really made a difference, attended to laundry and just gone well and truly over what he would expect from a care agency. His words were “The service is absolutely faultless” we have no worries at all about mum now by the way that she’s cared for. He stated that his Mother is a lot more independent as carers work with her to encourage her to do more as opposed to completing tasks for her. He reported also that carers will call him should anything be required such as brilo pads etc. “Well done” to you all and a big “Thank you!!!”

M. Inglefield, Adult Social Care Worker

I would like to take this opportunity to say how wonderful the care provided by your agency has been.  Not only are the staff (including management) compassionate, helpful and friendly, but they understand mum's personal needs and are able to anticipate what the best supportive action required is.  The attitude of staff is progressive, showing an understanding of the condition itself, and recognizing that for this particular type of terminal illness, management of the person requires the ability to see mum as an individual in order to provide the best care possible.  The creation of her "life Book" is a wonderful idea, not only recording memories, but helping her to retain them as long as is possible.  

From my own personal point of view the support you provide has been invaluable, without it I simply could not support mum living independently any more, something that she ardently wishes to continue.  It has lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders knowing that you are all there for her.  So your support is not just for her benefit, but for her family (and most notably me!) too.  

Mum was diagnosed December 2013, however, from what I now know of the condition, I suspect it had commenced some years before that.  The symptoms were masked by the urgent demands of mum's circulation issues, which after several years of painful gangrene and multiple operations to improve circulation capacity, all of which failed in the end, resulted in her lower leg amputation.  A physical impairment which further frustrates mums life, and exhausts her.  I guess this just goes to show the determination of mum to survive!  Mum has always been a strong woman, raising 7 children almost single handedly.  A vibrant, gregarious, confident and fearless person, all forms of life are magnetically attracted to her! Even plants thrive at her touch!  She enjoys much simpler pleasures now, relishing the opportunity to get outside and see the world, a situation made possible by having carers that genuinely care about her.

Please pass on my thanks to Steff, and the rest of the team.  Steff has been a huge benefit to both mum and myself, keeping me informed of things that need sorting.  An unbelievably responsive, compassionate and supportive person, especially for someone so young.  Praise indeed for your ability to not just manage staff, but to provide the ability of learning and understanding more about the condition, and to provide the necessary person centered care.

Well done and many thanks to you all.  

Mrs L F

We would like to take this opportunity to record our thanks for all the care being given, especially S and J who give cheerful care and encouragement each time they visit. We as a family are very pleased with Bluebird Care's high standards from managerial level to receptionists too.

Mrs L B

I would like to thank the care worker so much. She has helped my husband greatly and he is completely different now. He is getting out of bed, coming downstairs and often asks when the carer is coming back. The carer is always a delight and always very friendly and helpful

Mrs D B

My father has been under the care of Bluebird Care since October 2014. The care and understanding given by Bluebird Carers S and M has been exemplary. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mrs J W

Bluebirdcare came initially to help my mother who was 86 and had been unwell for some time.
My father had been caring for her in the main, but the care she needed had become impossible as he too was 86.  His first thoughts each morning as he woke up were “Oh no, another day to get through”.  It had all become too much to manage both mentally and physically for him.
My mother’s community matron recommended that we get in 12 hour a day care, from getting my mother up in the morning through to helping her into bed in the evening.  Bluebirdcare were a team that the matron highly recommended as they “Really Did Care for their patients”. 
As soon as they came into my parent’s lives everyone was able to relax, me included, knowing that every need was taken care of. 
All of the team were brilliant, but there was one in particular that they felt very happy with, and it was arranged that she would be their main carer.  This again was much appreciated by both my parents and helped them enormously to get through the difficult days ahead. 
Sadly my mother died only a few weeks into her care.  On the day she passed away in hospital, three of the team, including the manager Mark were their with my father and I to help us.  They also attended her funeral a week later.  My parents had been together for nearly 70 years and my dad was understandably left bereft.  Although I could visit a couple of times a week and telephone daily he needed support much more than I could offer so we kept the team on to help him through
for company, to make all his meals, and generally check he was ok until such time that he could cope better on his own.
We are now in a situation where he needs Bluebird to come in three times a day to do meals, do some odd shopping and visits to medical appointments if I am unable to be there.  They continue to help my father in a practical and friendly way. 
They really are the Carers Who Care.

Mrs J T

I am very happy with the care A gave to my husband. She treated him with respect and was very attentative to his needs. She performed all her duties well and in fact did more than was asked of her such as washing and ironing. We are both satisfied. 

Mrs J T

I want to thank you all for your help with my wife's care. All the carers are brilliant and have made my wife so happy. I want to personally thank M for his help, i know that he has a child and that he must be busy but he has helped my wife so much

Mr A J

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