BLOG How to safeguard your health and your money with 24 hour live-in care in your own home

Published: 08/08/2016

Why live-in care is a win win situation for your health and your money. Surprising information about living better for longer and better ways to fund your care in later life.  

Have you heard of live-in care? Most people haven’t. That means most people don’t realise there’s a real alternative to the grim prospect of leaving your much-loved home and moving into a care home to see out your days. And this alternative brings massive health as well as financial benefits.
With 24 hour live-in care you stay in your own home amongst the things and people you love - for the rest of your life if you wish - supported by a resident care assistant chosen by you.
Our unique one-to-one care in familiar surroundings is dramatically better for your health and happiness and has been proven to slow the decline of dementia and prolong the length and quality of life for people with all kinds of serious health challenges. 


“Losing your home on admission to a care home is like a bereavement.”*

With live-in care, there's no distressing upheaval of a move and no having to say goodbye to much-loved spouses, pets and possessions. It’s a world away from life in a care home where you have just a few remaining ornaments around you to remind you of your old life. And where time-pressed staff rush around dividing their attention between many residents and keeping everyone to a highly regimented schedule.  
Our live-in care at home is one to one care. No care home can come close to it. This is unique, genuinely therapeutic care proven to give you ‘A better life, lived longer’. “Mum has come back to life” is something we hear on a regular basis from families of customers. 
But this kind of care is beyond the budgets of most of us surely?
Even better news for us all: it's not. In fact, it’s often by far the most beneficial financial option for many of us. Better health and better financial health. Live-in care is a win-win on a grand scale.
How can this be?
Our live-in care is a great option because there are some extremely beneficial ways of achieving the money you need to pay for your one-to-one care.
Very often, people start paying for their care by using their income or savings. They don’t realise there are specialist funding choices available to them. These are ideal options and allow you to stay in your own home even if you have no cash or savings.
Stay in your own home even if it's your only asset and you have no additional money
Equity release is one way of releasing cash from your home and this enables you to buy something called an ‘immediate needs annuity’. This works like a pension. You buy it with a one-off payment and it allows you to achieve significantly higher returns than normal investment rates. It then pays for your care for the rest of your life while your home continues to grow in value in a rising market. 

61% of older adults want to stay in their own home**
Finding out more about your options is straightforward. Specialist later life financial experts help our customers find the very best financial option for them and give them the priceless peace of mind of knowing their care is covered – for the rest of their life.
They take them through every aspect of planning their care including maximising investments to fund care, assessing eligibility for Local Authority funding plus all the legal implications of later life and making sure your wishes are followed to the letter even if you can no longer express them yourself.
Better care. Healthier finances. The well-being that comes from staying in the home you love and leaving it to the people you love is something we all need to know about.

* Source: Norman A (1987) Rights & Risk, A Discussion on Civil Liberty in Old Age, Centre for Policy on Ageing, London
** Source: Pew Research Centre, US Census Bureau, 2014.
For more information about live-in care and care funding:

We have a comprehensive brochure on live-in care explaining our unique service in detail. Please call us 0161 928 7151 if you’d like us to send you a copy
We also partner with Care Planning Services, independent financial and legal later life experts, who have specialist expertise in planning the funding of care. Again, for more details, please call us on 0161 928 7151.