Noticing those things that make a BIG difference

Going above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of a customer


Going above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of a customer

Here are Bluebird Care, we consistently go above and beyond to support our customers.

As a part of our core values we strive to be Attentive and ensure we notice the little things that might make a big difference.

For example, our wonderful Care Assistant Lyubitsa, noticed that one of her community customers, Florence, was running low on groceries, sadly, due to sickness, she was unable to ask her friend to take money from her bank account for her weekly shop.

When Lyubitsa noticed that the cupboards were looking a little bare, she enquired why she had no food, and Florence explained.

Identifying that the customer needed extra support, Lyubitsa contacted the office and offered to do Florence’s weekly shop at Sainsbury’s. Not only were we able to ensure the customer had plenty of food, we were honoured to also be able to pay for it as well!

Here at Bluebird Care, we treat our customers like family and therefore we make sure that they are cared for to the best of our abilities.


"It's such an honour to have Care Assistants like Lyubitsa who work for us, being so observant and ensuring our customers are always look after in every aspect of their lives" - Zoe Furlonger Care Manager