Meet the team

Hadia Malik

Franchise Owner

Bluebird Care Stockton and Hartlepool is owned and led by Hadia Malik, who has a wealth of knowledge from her healthcare background. 

Having worked with patients of her own for many years as an Optometrist, Hadia values the importance of care, communication and professionalism, and strives to ensure that the care provided to Bluebird Care customers is of the highest quality. It is Hadia's goal to ensure that Bluebird Care is the very best homecare provider in the local community, as well as being the best employer. 

Having had the experience of seeing elderly grandparents being cared for in their own homes and the positive impact on their wellbeing and mental health, Hadia realises the important role of homecare within the community and the opportunity it provides for individuals to lead their lives with dignity. This has inspired the start of Bluebird Care Stockton and Hartlepool. 

Mohammed Waqas

Registered Care Manager

Mohammed Waqas is a dedicated professional who has made a significant impact in both the field of care management and as a former prison officer. With a profound passion for providing compassionate care, Mohammed has seamlessly blended his experiences from these distinct roles. As a Registered Care Manager, he is committed to promoting well-being and happiness for individuals in various care settings. Drawing from his background as a prison officer, Mohammed brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of diverse needs and challenges. Through his empathetic approach, he builds strong relationships, ensuring a person-centered care experience that addresses physical, emotional, and social well-being. With an unwavering commitment to continuous learning, Mohammed strives to provide exceptional care while fostering an environment of support and compassion.