Autism Awareness

Being autistic does not mean you have an illness or disease. At Bluebird Care Rotherham, we support people living with Autism.

Did you know?

1 in 67 people in the UK are autistic, but many adults have never been diagnosed.

Autism MYTHS

  • Autism is a learning disability. 
  • Autism is a male condition. 
  • All autistic people have special abilities.
  • Everyone is a little bit autistic.
  • All autistic people are maths geniuses.
  • Autistic people are shy and introverted
  • Autistic people are only interested in trains.
  • Autistic people can't live independently.

Autism FACTS

  • Autism cannot be cured.
  • Many autistic people like routine.
  • Autistic people stim in lots of different ways.
  • Mental health conditions are more common in autistic people.
  • Being autistic is part of someone's identity.
  • There is an autistic pupil in every school.
  • Autistic people have different sensory needs.

Do you know someone living with Autism?

Being autistic does not mean you have an illness or disease. It just means your brain works in a different way from other people.

Every individual with autism is different. Some people are able to learn, live and work independently, while many have learning difficulties that require specialist support.

If you or someone you know needs support, just know our care assistants at Bluebird Care Rotherham are here for you, if and when you need them.

At Bluebird Care Rotherham, we support people living with Autism and can support individuals to live well at home with their diagnosis. If you're looking for autistic care in Rotherham and its surroundings, contact us to find out more about how we can support individuals to continue to live independently at home.

Call us for an initial, no obligation chat on 01709 464857 about the support we can offer or send us an email to

For further information contact the National Autistic Society

How to find the right care for you or your relative

1. Find your local office

Bluebird Care delivers care from locally based offices, find yours to start your care journey today.

2. Get in touch with us

Fill in our call back form or give us a call to find out how we can help you.

3. Assessment

We’ll come out to you to find out what you or your loved one needs to help stay independent at home.

4. Care team chosen & care starts

You'll be cared for by our specially trained team to support you to remain at home for as long as possible.

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