Distinction in Level 3

Published: 16/06/2023

Congratulations to Amie on achieving a Distinction on her Level Three Qualification!

It's a significant accomplishment, and she should be proud of her achievement. Being presented with the certificate by Claire Jennings from Rochdale Training is a special moment.

Obtaining a Distinction in her qualification is truly commendable. It shows Amie's dedication, hard work, and exceptional abilities. Claire's acknowledgment of it being only the second Distinction she has seen in her years at Rochdale Training highlights the rarity and significance of Amie's accomplishment.

It's fantastic to hear that Amie received support from her Registered Care Manager and the Directors throughout her journey. Their guidance and assistance played a crucial role in boosting her confidence and helping her deliver her assessment successfully. Such support is invaluable when working towards professional goals.

Amie's ambition to continue her Professional Development and aim for a Level 5 qualification is admirable. With her determination and the experiences gained from her current role, she has a strong foundation for further growth and success. Emulating her manager's achievements is a great aspiration and showcases her commitment to continuous improvement.

Here are a few of the areas of praise that were given by the assessor: 

  •         ' Amie provided excellent details about standards, guidance and codes of practice which underpinned the safe delivery of the service'
  •         'Amie was able to describe a wide range of tools and strategies she used to enhance communication, including use of white boards and how these had been effective'
  •         'Safeguarding was discussed in superb detail.'
  •         'Amie provided excellent, holistic evidence'

Once again, congratulations to Amie on her Level Three Certificate and best of luck as she embarks on her next phase of Professional Development. Her journey and dedication are truly inspiring!