3rd Anniversary

3rd anniversary today. So much has happened in that time


3rd anniversary today. So much has happened in that time

3rd anniversary today. So much has happened in that time. Registration, first care assistant, first customer, office break ins and ceiling collapses, Mayoral video calls and presentations, office move, not to mention the obvious over the last 18 months or so.

After thousands of hours, hundreds of customers and scores of care assistants I am so inspired everyday by our team to strive for improvement and to identify learning points.

I considered myself a pretty empathetic individual when we started, but I would hope my emotional intelligence is so much deeper and wider now. I would not want to do anything else, but I do want to do things better. Every time.

I am humbled by our team. They deliver so much more than the tasks put in front of them. They have delivered a touch point during times of unprecedented isolation. I could not really ask for more, but I will. I ask them for empathy and honesty. I ask them to let us know if we can do things better. Not just to whine but to make pragmatic suggestions of how we can do things better and be more collaborative and inclusive. I challenge them to think about what they do and to share those thoughts with us and the wider team.

We are independently rated the best locally and have been for some time. Of that I am rightly proud but we can always do that little bit better. We have come a long way, but there is still plenty of places we want to go to. Thanks to all that have been part of that journey.