The Process

At Bluebird Care New Forest, we understand that life can be complicated at the best of times. That’s why we like to keep things as straightforward as possible for our customers:
  • After the initial contact, we’ll liaise with you to find the best time to visit you and will work together with you and your family to create and agree on a care plan that suits your needs and budget.
  • In the Pre-assessment period, we will discuss your needs, availability and time. We will ensure that we can understand each other so that our team can deliver the best service to you. You will be introduced to your local care supervisor, who will be responsible for developing and managing your overall Care plan, and talking through any worries you may have about aspects of your care so that they don’t become persistent concerns.
  • Once we mutually agree on your care plan, Our Care team will start at the time and deliver the same as agreed. Our whole ethos is built around providing ‘good old-fashioned service that puts the heart back into home care. We will contact you regularly to ensure you are happy with the service you are receiving and review and make changes regarding your personal preferences.
  • You will always know who is coming to deliver your care, and we will keep you informed of any changes as and when necessary. Care needs change regularly; we’ll review each customer’s care plan and adapt following their wishes.
  • In the first three months, we regularly review your care plan and make additional changes if required to deliver the best service to you and your family. After the first three months, we review our care plan once every three or six months to check whether you are satisfied and happy with our service. You are always welcome to contact us if any adjustment needs to be made.