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" My best memory with bluebird care was getting to find a really good care worker and a friend. fortunately I was able to find this in Jackie and she has been with me for the last 5 years. I was born in Battersea , South London where I was raised by my Victorian grandmother and I worked from the age of 14 in the city of London as a typist. One of my most fun memories was falling in love with my darling George, we met in the last week of summer 1941 and got married on the 2nd of May in 1942. My greatest achievement is getting the my right old age of 101 years old on the 27th of December 2021. I enjoy Jackie visiting me on a daily basis, come rain or show I really do enjoy her company and full English breakfast and our sing alongs"

Mrs Florence Bowring 


" I have been with blue bird care for 4 years , I must say the service has been excellent and I do not have any complaints" time does not matter to me anymore I just enjoy each moment as it comes,

I used to be a bank manager when I was younger , in my other life, I was in charge family relations and I had to publish a news magazine.

I remember a picture with my lovely pink dress, I still keep it here it is such a pleasant memory of mine. I appreciate how bluebird care were able to manage their services in the middle of the pandemic! Being old is just a number, I have a lot in common with younger generation, I have same interest in music, technology, TV programmes I see Bluebird Care just like a club, there is so many people that are involved and very supportive in different ways. Everything is an influence in life, in mine it has been politics. I support Bluebird Care for their amazing services, people are very good".

Mrs Lisette Watson

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The care regarding Hygiene and nutrition was of a very high standard. My mother and the Family were very happy with her and would definitely recommend her"

Staff at Bluebird Care are the best thing since slice bread. I really enjoy their company and find them so helpful.

Bluebird Care have been very professional from first contact and also very friendly. We have the same carer 3 times a week for an hour to help my grandmother with various chores around the house and have been using this service for just over a month. I am very pleased with everything.

The caring staff are very competent, punctual and very easy to interact with. They are very pleasant to have in the house and interaction with the management works very well between all those concerned."

My mother appreciated the everyday (live-in) care from the carers. They were all attentive to my mothers needs and they also did a good job with their other duties i.e cooking, shopping and cleaning. The management were also very supportive. Overall, I would recommend Bluebird Care (Merton)."

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