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Together I think we have managed to make a real difference for lots of patients in Kensington & Chelsea, and I think that is something we should all be proud of!

Social Worker - RBKC

After my husband was diagnosed with dementia I was at a loss as to how we were going to cope.  A friend recommended Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea and from the moment we met I felt reassured and confident that with your support my husband and I would be able to deal with what lay ahead.  Your care workers have been fantastic; friendly, professional and caring.  Every day I look forward to seeing the blue tunic arriving at our front door.

I cannot tell you what peace you have brought to my life since you told me from Monday your carers from Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea will go to look after my father.

In short, Mother is much more relaxed and less anxious now. This is a big step forward. She is comfortable and trusting of the care worker from Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea, which is excellent. They have a good relationship.  My mind is at ease now being so far away.  Thank you!

Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea saved my life this year when you took over the end-of-life-care of my husband. You were very professional when you came to the house that day and made me feel I could get through it.  And i did get through it with your help. Your staff were wonderful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. I’m getting back into the swing of things now.

Thank you to our friends at Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea. Since you began looking after my son he has gained a new lease of life. Being able to leave the house, meet his friends and go back to college have made such a difference.  Before his accident he was an outgoing happy young man and I am now starting to see that young man return.

Thank you for all the support that Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea has given me over the years.  You all opened me up more than you will ever imagine. I am becoming more confident and independent whenever I am with Bluebird Care staff.

It was really reassuring to see you (Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea) today and to work out my mother’s care plan with you and her. It is quite a stressful time for her and for me but I was really reassured by your approach.

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