Meet the team

Peter Slough

Managing Director

Like most people, I didn’t have an understanding of the care industry until a family member required care. At this point, our family faced huge challenges in finding the right solution which was flexible and that we could trust.

Trying to arrange this at short notice and being involved with care companies that didn’t have a customer service ethos highlighted the issues that people and families face in a similar situation, that’s when I thought ‘there must be a way to do this better.

Although I have a legal and professional services background, somehow I’ve always been involved in looking after people and trying to help them improve their lives. After completing my law degree, I started my career working for a human rights NGO in New Delhi, India. Our team advised the Government on the implementation of the Right to Information Act with the aim to give over a billion people the right to challenge corruption and give transparency in where their money was being spent. This was an amazing and transformational experience and even though you can find me online with credits to the contribution of that Act, I always wanted to be more hands-on and change people’s lives on a daily basis, not just on a policy level. 

Running Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea really is about changing people’s lives. We support people to remain as independent as possible whilst at their most vulnerable. We are rewarded with so much positive feedback as we help turn customers’ lives around. They discover the possibilities of being able to live life as fully and independently as possible. We help our customers face a huge range of health challenges including stroke, brain injury, MS, Parkinson’s, and people living with all forms of dementia along with other neurological conditions.

Our care is unique, it goes beyond the task based care that many companies offer. We look at how we can enhance and extend people’s lives, offering therapeutic, nutritional, or lifestyle services based around their wants and needs, not just ticking off tasks.

We are exacting about who we employ and we spend a huge amount of time and effort in getting the right staff to deliver our service. Those who do make the grade are given training, support, and ongoing development that exceeds any other home care company in central London. For me, it is about doing the simple things right. We communicate well with our customers and create an honest and open relationship. We give customers the same care staff on a daily basis so that they can build good relationships, we turn up on time and we do everything we can for the people we care for to enable them to achieve their outcomes.

For me, the most important ethos of our company is to provide care that we would be happy to give to our own families. We need to build and maintain trust and be flexible to change our service in accordance with our customer’s needs. Most of all we need to be caring and have an empathic nature in everything we do.

Without having the right people as part of the Bluebird Care team it would be impossible to do the best by our customers.

Nicola Bowditch

Operations Manager

Nicola started her career in care over 10 years ago as a care assistant and a volunteer having looked after her grandparents. This experience helped he realise her passion for caring for others and making a real difference to peoples lives.

Nicola joined us in 2011 and has worked for us as a Care Assistant, Coordinator, Supervisor, Deputy Care Manager, Registered Manager and now as our Operations Manager. In that time she has gained gained considerable experience in the key functions within Bluebird Care, and recently gained her NVQ Level 5 in Health & Social Care.

Her primary objective is to ensure that at all times Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea provides the highest quality of care to our many customers. Her keen understanding and experience of the processes essential to providing 'quality care' have been invaluable to ensuring we maintain and exceed the highest standards.

Caring for my grandparents decided me on a career change into homecare and it was the best decision I've ever made!

Clarissa Courtney

Registered Manager

Clarissa started her care career in 2013 as a Home Care Assistant, she was then promoted to Coordinator and finally Team Leader of the Care Assistant team.

She joined Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea in 2019 as our Customer Services Manager, acting as the internal advocate for our customers. with a focus on creating highly personalised care plans for each customer that promote the highest level of 'person-centered' care. 

Clarissa then took over as Deputy Care Manager and in 2021 was promoted to Registered Manager, and is now tasked with ensuring that we consistently provide the highest quality of care to our many customers. Her main focus will be ensuring that her team are given the training, mentoring and support to 'be the best they can be' thereby consistently delivering safe and personalised care.

Clarissa has a BSc in Psychology from Queens University Belfast.

As Registered Manager I am so excited to be leading our amazing Bluebird Care K & C team, and I love the support and dedication they bring to providing the best service possible.

Magda Drewniak

Quality & Compliance Manager

Magda joined us as a Care Assistant in 2013 and quickly became sought after by our customers for her caring personality, attention to detail and obvious pride in her work. She was promoted to weekend on-call coordinator in 2015, to Supervisor and then Customer Services Manager in 2016 and to Quality & Compliance Manager in 2017.

Her primary focus is to ensure that every function of the company is fully compliant with current CQC requirements, national standards and Bluebird Care policies & procedures. Magda is also passionate about continually improving every aspect of our quality management, systems, policies, procedures and staff training & development.

Magda is in the final stages of completing her NVQ Level 3 in Health & Social Care and will then embark upon her Level 5 qualification.

My mother was a nurse in a private nursing home and from an early age I saw how passionate she was about caring for others and later I realised that I had the same passion. A career in care was the obvious path.


Senior Carer


Victoria Pope

Business Coordinator

Victoria has a strong healthcare background having graduated with a Degree in Midwifery and also experience working as a Nursing Assistant. She joined Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea in early 2016 as a Care Assistant and could always be trusted to go the 'extra mile' to ensure her customers and their families happiness & wellbeing.

In early 2017 she was promoted to Coordinator then Customer Services Manager and is now our Business Manager.

Victoria's brief is to review our business processes ensuring that they are safe, efficient and provide the highest quality of service to our customers. She has been instrumental in integrating new software systems to improve our coordination of care visits and is currently focused on recruitment & retention amongts other projects.

Being in care has not only given me the opportunity to help others. It has also allowed me to realise my own potential, to grow and have a better understanding of other people and my surroundings.

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