Staff resilience training

Published: 22/05/2019

Thank you to MIND for coming in to provide our staff with resilience training today. We had a wondeful time and learnt a lot!

Thank you to Mind and Barbara Allen today for providing some of our care assistants with Resilience Training.

This training helps promote good mental health which isn't just about being free from depression. We can all benefit from taking a positive and proactive approach to our wellbeing, and this can help us to get better, stay well and even prevent mild depression from happening in the first place.

“Training was brilliant. I went in wanting to feel less stressed daily and I’ve come away with relaxation techniques, triggers to avoid and ways to have ‘me’ time.

I also feel I could relay the techniques to customers if they were worried or anxious, even colleagues or anyone else.
Thank you for giving me the training opportunity”, said one member of staff.

“I found today's course really helpful, it taught me new ways to cope and deal with stress to try, whether it's in the workplace or at home. Realising what can trigger other people’s stress and being more aware of how many different organisations there are out there to help.

Thank you for putting me forward”, said another.

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