Mobile Dementia Virtual Tour

On March 14th, Bluebird Care North Hampshire and West Berkshire hosted the Mobile Dementia Virtual Tour

On March 14th, Bluebird Care North Hampshire and West Berkshire hosted the Mobile Dementia Virtual Tour at our offices in Kingsclere which allowed care teams, families, and friends, to experience the daily challenges faced by people living with dementia.

Dementia Care

Bluebird Care hosted the unique interactive training experience, known as the ‘Dementia Bus’ to show people what it is like to live with dementia in order to boost understanding and raise awareness in the local community.

Over 1,600 people aged over 65 live with dementia in West Berkshire alone, and Bluebird Care North Hampshire and West Berkshire are seeking to boost awareness of the condition and how to support people with empathy and compassion.

Participants on the training experienced simulations of various symptoms of dementia, including confusion, sensory deprivation, and mobility issues. Spiky insoles were given to participants to put inside their shoes simulating extra sensitivity in the nerve endings in their feet, and thick gloves to reduce feeling in their hands. They were also given glasses that reduce peripheral vision and add dark spots in the link of vision, and headphones that continually play white noise.

Dementia Bus

Over 30 attendees joined the team in experiencing the realities of living with dementia. The event offered insights that can’t be replicated, helping healthcare professionals and the wider community be better equipped to provide empathetic and effective support to those living with dementia.


In August last year, Bluebird Care announced the region’s first specialist dementia care advice service as we welcomed dementia care specialist Tamsin Hudson to their team. Tamsin, who joined the home care provider after supporting her own mother with dementia, offers tailored guidance from adapting living spaces to reducing distress for those with the condition.


Tamsin Hudson, Dementia Care Adviser at Bluebird Care North Hampshire and West Berkshire said:


“We work with people and their families to help them to remain safe and independent in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Our care experts provide compassionate and high-quality care for people with dementia every day. This training helps to make that care even more bespoke, as it’s based on a real understanding of what a person with dementia is going through. We were delighted to invite the wider community into the Mobile Dementia Virtual Tour to come together to learn more about dementia and how we can all support those around us to feel as comfortable and supported as possible.” 

Val who attended the training experience and has a family member living with dementia said:

“After the Mobile Dementia Virtual Tour, I now feel that I know how many different symptoms there are of dementia that can be confusing or frightening if not properly understood or cared for. I’m extremely grateful to Bluebird Care North Hampshire and West Berkshire for organising the experience and allowing us to gain a valuable insight. It has made me consider the ways in which I communicate with people who may have dementia.” 

If you would like to find out about our dementia care services please call 01256 762324 where a member of our friendly team will gladly have a chat with you or you can read more about our specialised Dementia Care here

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