Who would benefit from care at home in Felixstowe?

You can trust Bluebird Care Felixstowe to keep you safe. We will care and support you with the same compassion and attention as your own family.

We keep you, 'you!'

The Bluebird Care Felixstowe care at home service

Every person has their own requirements to enable them to live their own lives how they want to live them.

This means we offer a unique and flexible care at home support to all our clients.

Whether they require long-term care, or short-term support, our fully trained team of staff can help as little or as much as the client wants.

Not limited to the elderly, home care could be an option for those with physical disablilities, learning difficulties, sensory impairments or those recovering from a hospital stay.

Home care could mean a short visit once a day, or even full 24-hour live-in care, and can be long term or just a short period following an accident or surgery or covering for a family carer.

You can trust us to make life worth living. Bluebird Care Felixstowe staff will always act professionally whilst arriving with a smile, energy and a cheeriness to make you smile too.

Our care plans are tailored made to each client, so you get the home care you require.

We will bring you joy and pleasure by showing compassion and being your friend.

Some of the care at home services we offer include:

  • Good morning start – including assisting with getting out of bed, washing, showering, or bathing, dressing, and having breakfast.
  • Medicine collection or returns; or just reminding and assisting with taking medication.
  • Preparing meals and helping at mealtimes.
  • Assisting with shopping and putting it away.
  • Help with domestic chores.
  • Supporting with social activities, helping to get to clubs, see friends, or just go for a walk.
  • Assist with getting ready for bed.

What is care at home/domiciliary care?

When a person requires ongoing support to stay in their home, this is known as care at home/homecare.

We provide a number of care at home services to our clients in the Suffolk coastal area.

Whether providing personal care, including washing, showering, and bathing, supporting with everyday household tasks, such as cleaning the home, ironing, and laundry, or assisting with shopping, we help our clients to lead an independent life as possible.