Who would benefit from care at home in Felixstowe?

You can trust Bluebird Care Felixstowe to keep you safe. We will care and support you with the same compassion and attention as your own family.

We keep you, 'you!'

Bluebird Care Felixstowe recognises that people require some form of care to allow them to live everyday to its fullest, but moving into care home is not always the best option.

Not limited to the elderly, home care could be an option for those with physical disablilities, learning difficulties, sensory impairments or those recovering from a hospital stay.

Home care could mean a short visit once a day, or even full 24-hour live-in care, and can be long term or just a short period following an accident or surgery or covering for a family carer.

You can trust us to make life worth living. Bluebird Care Felixstowe staff will always act professionally whilst arriving with a smile, energy and a cheeriness to make you smile too.

Our care plans are tailored made to each client, so you get the home care you require.

We will bring you joy and pleasure by showing compassion and being your friend.