Frequently asked questions

What is the cost and how do I pay?

Bluebird Care Felixstowe, will put together a detailed plan for each customer which, as well as setting out the home care to be delivered, also shows the weekly costs.

Some people will be entitled to assistance with the cost of their care either from their local Social Services office or via other Government grants.

You will receive your invoice bill once a fortnight.

If you wish to pay by standing order (to save you having to remember to write out a cheque) just let us know. Click here for details on how to pay.

How much time do the carers spend at my house

Bluebird Care Felixstowe, take a considered and comprehensive approach to ensuring that your home care service is exactly what is required.

After every visit, the care assistant will write the details of activities undertaken during the visit in the care record which is retained electronically.

How many carers will I see?

Bluebird Care Felixstowe's aim is that ,where possible you will see the same one of two carers. Every client has an assigned key worker.

Bluebird Care Felixstowe, very rarely assign one care assistant to a particular customer. You will be introduced to two other carers, these will be the ones who will cover your careres holiday/sickness absences.

This allows for periods of time where your care assistant may be away on holiday, however we do try to keep the number of your care assistants to an absolute minimum. 

What we won't do

Once Bluebird Care Felixstowe have established exactly what home care you need on each visit, we will work to that list.

We are not able to carry out the following:

  • We cannot give injections or change sterile dressings.
  • We cannot carry out tasks which are likely to cause risk to either the person we provide care to, or to the Bluebird Care care assistant.
  • We cannot administer medication that is not in its original packaging, a blister pack or Dossett box

Tasks will be agreed with you in advance. Any changes to the plan can be discussed with your local Bluebird Care team.

What happens when the office is closed?

Our offices are normally open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Aside from this, we operate an out-of-hours on call service which is manned 24/7. The number for your out of hours service can be provided for your reassurance, with someone at the end of the telephone line to assist with any emergencies about your care. 

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