Awards Ceremony

Published: 23/12/2023

Making a difference

We had a fantastic time last week at our staff Christmas get-together 😀🎄🥳

A big THANK YOU to our fantastic team of dedicated care workers who always go ‘above and beyond’ to support and care for our customers. We can’t thank you enough for everything you do 🥲👏💐  

We also held our own awards ceremony where we thanked those who have made a difference 🏆 

Thanks to…

🏆Care Expert of the Year – Recognising outstanding performance over the specific time frame. They must highlight specific examples of exceptional care and dedication – Piotr (Senior Care Assistant)

🏆Compassion Award – Awarded to the Care Expert who consistently shows empathy and compassion towards our customers and families – Vibhuti (Care Assistant)

🏆Team Player Award – The Care Expert who collaborates well with other colleagues, fostering a positive and supportive team environment - Vandita (Care Assistant)

🏆Innovations in Care Award – Recognise creativity and innovations in finding new and effective ways to enhance the quality of care - Kim (Care Assistant)

🏆Reliability and Dependability Award – This award is for consistent and reliable performance, always being there when needed the most - Jigar (Care Assistant)

🏆Exceptional Customer Feedback Award – Acknowledging a Care Expert who receives consistently positive feedback from our customers or their families - Roy (Care Assistant)

🏆Leadership in Crisis Award – A Care Expert who demonstrated strong leadership skills during challenging or emergency situations - Bozena (Senior Care Assistant)

🏆Continuous Learning and Development Award – A Care Expert who shows dedication to personal and professional growth through ongoing education and training - Atul (Care Assistant)

🏆Positive Attitude Award – A Care Expert who maintains a positive and uplifting attitude, contributing to a positive work environment – Francy (Care Assistant)

🏆Mentoring Award – A Care Expert who takes time to mentor and support their colleagues, contributing to the growth of the team - Kinga (Senior Care assistant)

🏆Leadership Award - Linda Merchant (Care Manager)

🏆Outstanding Performance - Danielle Sell (Supervisor)

🏆Team Player - Charlotte Bullimore (HR & Recruitment Administrator)