An Easter poem for our staff...

Published: 14/03/2024

We'me made a special chocolate and Easter themed poem below - we hope you enjoy it 🙂 🍫🥚🐣🐰🐇💐

At Bluebird Care, our director hatched a plan...
An Easter surprise for his hard-working clan!
With a nod and a grin, a scheme came to light,
To gift every staff member an Easter delight.
So here on this table, as you can plainly see,
Lies chocolatey treasures, for you and for me.
Come quickly with open hands and taste buds a ready,
To come and collect your own Easter Eggy!
For each care staff member, there's an egg to collect,
A token of thanks, for the lives you affect.
So hop like a bunny, don't delay, get here fast,
Before you know it, Easter will pass!
With eggs on the table, and spring in the air,
We thank you for all of the love that you share.
This Easter we reflect on all your success,
For all of our staff are simply the best!