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Affordable Warmth: First time Central Heating Systems available to Calderdale Residents

Affordable Warmth Team at Princess Buildings have some great news for the residents of Calderdale! They now have funding for First Time Central Heating (FTCH) which you or a loved one might find useful... 


Lead the Way Calderdale: April 2019 eBulletin

Please click through to download the April 2019 Lead the Way eBulletin...


Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees Newsletter: Apr-Jun 2019

Please click through to download the latest newsletter by Age UK Calderdale & Kirklees...


Lead the Way Calderdale: March 2019 eBulletin

Please click through to download the March 2019 eBulletin..


Bluebird Care Calderdale invites you to "Caring Together" Event on 22nd March 2019

We invite you to join us at A FREE EVENT for Carers and their loved ones on Friday 22 Mar 2019. The Event, "Caring Together", is hosted by Bluebird Care Calderdale and Memory Lane Cafe.


Memory Lane Cafe Newsletter: Winter 2018-19

Please click through to download the Winter Newsletter by Memory Lane Cafe...


Activity Guide for Calderdale by the Staying Well Project

The Staying Well Project has kindly shared this list of suggestions of things to get involved with in your local community. Please share if you know someone who might benefit.


Promoting a Local Event: Disability Partnership Calderdale Open Main Meeting - 29 January

The next Disability Partnership Calderdale OPEN MAIN MEETING to be held on Tuesday 29th January 2019; please click through to see the meeting scedule...


Staying Well Newsletter: Edition 7

Please click through to download the latest version of the Staying Well Newsletter. Feel free to share with family and friends.


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