Together Talks Telephone Befriending Service

Published: 05/03/2021

The Bradford Metropolitan District Council have introduced the Together Talks Telephone Befriending Service that provides companionship to those in need.

Together Talks is a telephone befriending service that provides company to those who are alone or isolated. It helps reduce feelings of loneliness and increase wellbeing and is especially important during this time, when more people than feel socially isolated. 

Key things to keep in mind:

  • Together Talks is a free service
  • Enables someone to have a friendly chat and develop a trusting, supportive relationship with a befriender volunteer.
  • Our Volunteer Telephone Befrienders are not professionally trained therapists or counsellors, but offer a regular supportive chat
  • The Telephone Befriending Volunteers  have a valid and current DBS certificate, have a telephone interview and a reference check done.

See the flyer below that informs you on how you can apply today.