Rotary Great Britain & Ireland Partnered with Carers UK

Published: 06/02/2021

Rotary GB&I and Carers UK have partnered up to raise awareness of caring and Carers UK.

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This month Rotary GB&I Carers UK Volunteer Newsletter provides carers with useful information regarding the covid-19 vaccine and online support meetings that are free to join and much more. To read the Rotary GB&I Carers UK Volunteer Newsletter February 2021 in full click here

Caring is such an important aspect of life. So it's sad to hear when many unpaid carers are going through financial hardship due to covid-19, they need the financial support in order to carry on caring for those who need them. To find out more on why is it is important for unpaid carers to receive financial support from the government as well as some of the carers stories regarding thier care experience; click the following link: Fairer for Carers - Carers UK.