Bluebird Care (Bournemouth) is supporting Diabetes Week 2017

Published: 11/06/2017

Bluebird Care (Bournemouth) is supporting Diabetes UK annual campaign Diabetes Week, which this year runs from Sunday 11th June through to Saturday 17th June 2017.

Diabetes UK is the largest UK charity for diabetes and over the last 10 years they have invested nearly £60 million into their research. There are 4.5 million people living with diabetes across the UK and another 11.9 million people with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes UK support individuals in managing their diabetes with everyday life through support groups, events or even just having someone to talk to.
The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.’
Knowledge can be very powerful in transforming lives, Diabetes UK are asking people to share their experiences on how they learnt about diabetes and how they fight the condition, inspiring others to do the same.
Diabetes UK are fighting for change and by increasing understanding it will help remove the stigma around diabetes. Bluebird Care (Bournemouth) hope that by supporting Diabetes Week across Bournemouth, we can help develop people’s knowledge of the condition and share advice on fighting diabetes.
Bluebird Care (Bournemouth) is taking part in the ‘’Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.’ campaign and will be sharing knowledge and experiences for this important cause at their ‘Community CafĂ©’ on Wednesday 14th June 2-4.30pm.
Melanie Cohen, director of Bluebird Care (Bournemouth) said:
“We are proud to support Diabetes UK in their annual Diabetes Week campaign and all the support they provide to those affected. We hope that Diabetes Week will help develop people’s understanding of diabetes in our community and support everyone in fighting the condition.”
Visit the Diabetes UK website to find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved.