Live-in care case study

Below is a case study outlining the type of customer service and support that we are dedicated to providing our customers with. Not only this, we also truly believe that our job is to support the families and friends of our customers who cannot be there all the time for their loved ones. Through our live in care service we have been able to support people that live far away from the person they care about, or for those that are full time carers but need a few days off.

One family member said:

"I have been very impressed with Bluebird Care, I initially phoned Peter to find if my Aunt, who was in a nursing home and very unhappy, could have 24 hour care in her home. There were lots of complications including whether my Aunt would be well enough to make the move home, but Peter patiently outlined the options and services they could provide, it sounded ideal and the only way my Aunt could live at home again, after several falls she was not safe to be alone.

Once my Aunt was able to move home the Bluebird Care team swung into action, a full time carer was set up in the spare bedroom and although there were initially some teething problems, Bluebird Care quietly worked through them until the right mix of carer was found and my Aunt was happy.  

The team have been able to work with and co-ordinate with the local GP practice, organising the District nurse to call to the house regularly, the Doctor to attend when necessary, they have organized a podiatrist and dietician to visit.  But most importantly they are able to provide care in the home including providing meals which have tempted my Aunt to start eating again, they have been most professional in keeping records of hydration, food intake and bowel movements, all issues which resulted in hospitalisation previously.

I don't live in the UK and so Bluebird Care have been able to provide me with a regular email updates and these together with news from friends who visit and phone calls to my Aunt have given me a full picture of how things are progressing. 

I think the thing I have been most impressed with Bluebird Care, besides the personal care, has been the professional attitude of the staff I have dealt with.  It is not always the case with care for the elderly to have intelligence, thoroughness, professionalism and personalised care but this has been the case with Bluebird, I have to say without their efforts my Aunt would still be in a nursing home, very unhappy and deteriorating whereas at present she is improving and her quality of life is far improved in her own home.

She has her belongings around her with friends able to visit and her own network to hand.  I could not be happier with the service Bluebird Care has been able to provide.”

How to find the right care for you or your relative

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3. Assessment

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