An Honest Insight into the Care Sector From Real-Life Carer Katherina Stephenson

Published: 01/10/2021

Are you thinking about starting a career in care? Taking that first step into the care sector can be a nerving experience. It’s no secret that it can be a rewarding but challenging role. 

We spoke to Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London's Care Assistant and Recruitment Admin, Katherina Stephenson – she gave us her insight on what it's like to work in the industry. 

"Care comes naturally to me. I grew up in a large family, and I was always looking after my grandparents, helping them with their medication and making sure they were comfortable. It was my Nan who told me I should work in healthcare. 

Katherina has worked in the care sector for over 13 years, starting her career as a care assistant in a care home for people living with living difficulties.  

Over the years, Katherina is always learning new ways on how to cope in testing environments. 

"I have developed many skills over the years. I know to overcome certain challenges and handle difficult situations, especially when getting to know a new client and adapting to their specified needs." 

After working at numerous care companies, Katherina settled with Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London and has been with the company for over eight years. Most recently, Katherina decided to broaden her experience and started working part-time as a Recruitment Admin in the office. 

Over the years, Katherina's passion for caring for others has been evident, and she continues to expand her knowledge and experience to help others. Alongside work, she is studying Healthcare Management at university, with her career goal to be a Registered Manager in a care company. 

"I managed to get my NVQ2 & NVQ3 through my Bluebird Care training, which has allowed me to study at a university level. As a mother of four, Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London have supported me with my working schedule."

But what does Katherina love about working in care? 

"I love building bonds with my customers and having a relationship with their families. You can be caring for someone for many years, and you can end up becoming really close to them." 

Katherina gives her own advice for new carers on how to deal with certain situations. 

"You need to remember that even though the job can be challenging, don't take it personally. It takes time to get into the mindset, so be patient and always seek support from peers."

If you are looking at a career in care, call Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London on 020 4538 3622.