Live In Care For Couples

Published: 20/07/2017

Live in Care for a couple is one of the most popular services that we offer.

Live in Care for a couple is one of the most popular services that we offer. It’s a sad fact that many nursing homes cannot provide accommodation for couples: often leaving people who have lived together for many years to face life without their partner at just the time when they need them the most.

We strongly believe that people should be assisted by whatever means possible to continue living together in familiar surroundings regardless of the conditions that affect them. That’s why we work hard with the couple and their family to put together a plan of care and support that takes into account all of their medical and social needs.

Caring for couples

Our friendly, professional homecare assistants can support couples in their own home with help around the home, personal care and medical assistance.  The assistant is also there to provide companionship, if needed – they’re very aware, however, that companionship for a couple should always be provided discreetly with respect for the special nature of the relationship between the people involved.

We believe that the bond between the assistant and the couple is very special too. It’s not just a question of the homecare assistant helping around the house, with medication and with and personal care that is needed – the assistant also provides emotional support when required.  We see everyone that we deal with as real people with their own wants and needs – when you do this, it’s easy to get to know each other well and use this knowledge as a foundation for a healthy respectful relationship.

Benefits of Live in Care for couples

The benefits of live in care are multiplied when the care is provided for a couple. These benefits are both emotional and financial.

In most cases, staying at home in well-loved surroundings, without the upheaval of a major move, provides a stress free, seamless move into assisted living.  When there is no need to adjust to new surroundings and familiar people, places and things are close at hand, all of your energies can be applied to enjoying your quality of life rather than worrying about new situations.

Financially, it is generally less expensive to have a live in assistant at home for two people than to be faced with two sets of fees for separate care of each partner as would be the case in a care home.

Sometimes one partner in the relationship is more able than the other and so the care of the less able person falls to them.  We can offer support when the main carer needs a break or some extra support at home for a short time.

The next step

The first step is to contact us and arrange an initial visit. This gives you the opportunity to talk to us face to face and ask any questions that you may have. We only move to the next stage once you are entirely happy with the service and comfortable with instructing us.

After this, one of our specially trained staff will visit you to carry out the necessary safety assessments and to note all the details we need to go through before we start the care. This will, of course, include start dates and any other instructions you may have for us. We will then arrange for the Personal Assistant to arrive on your requested date and time.

Whatever your needs, call us on 01922 622 722 to discuss live in care for couples with one of our friendly team.