Its gives us great pleasure to announce our "Care Assistant of the Month" for July 2020 is Chantelle Cane.

Congratulations to Care Assistant, Chantelle!


Congratulations to Care Assistant, Chantelle!

Chantelle joined Bluebird Care in March 2020 and has been awarded this month for going above and beyond in her role. She has been so supportive to her customers and team ongoing - with her exuberance and uplifting personality, aswell as determination to make a difference to the customer. Chantelle has received fabulous feedback from her team on the care she is delivering and her consideration to go above and beyond with every customer she supports.

Chantelle, is a really good team worker. She always makes sure the service users have everything they need and extra. She just always puts the extra effort in with service users and her co-workers.

Not only does Chantelle just get on with her job but she has so much time for the clients. She is a lovely and caring person and helped me get through the last few weeks when I've been down.

Well Done Chantelle, you are an excellent addition, as well as a real asset to our team and we cannot thank you enough for all that you do to help support your colleagues and customers.