Beth Sturgis, we salute you!

Published: 30/08/2018

Our Care Worker, Beth Sturgis, has gone viral with her passionate Facebook post about the stereotypes of being a Care Worker.

Our Care Worker for almost four years, Beth Sturgis, recently penned an open letter on Facebook to those who look down on the care profession, admitting that nothing upsets her more than people who believe all she does is clean bottoms.  
In the post, Sturgis reveals that her job as a Care Worker involves so much more than people assume, requiring her to be everything from a cleaner to a cook, a hand to hold and a friendly face.

Her post received over 8,000 likes and 6,000 people shared it, it went around the world in a matter of hours. Members of the public reacted warmly to it, encouraging Beth and other Care Workers to keep up the hard work.

Her post was shared by many media outlets, including The Independent, The Sun, The Plymouth Herald and, most recently, by BBC Spotlight South West. BBC Spotlight filmed Beth doing her usual Customer visits throughout a day, and the article was shown on Wednesday 29th August at 6:30pm. 

We would love you to watch the poignant BBC programme and help spread the word.

If you feel passionate about caring and wish to become a Care Worker, please get in touch.

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