Meet the team

Tony and Sharon Ryan


Tony and Sharon have, over the years, run many successful businesses together.  Including a building firm, sheep and cattle farm, holiday cottages/bed & Breakfasts, fishing lakes and now Bluebird Care Teignbridge!

Sharon says "all the businesses we have run and the jobs that I have done in the past, have all been about customer services.  It was the strong customer services aspect that attracted us to Bluebird Care."

Tony adds "We were also impressed by the amount of opportunities offered to the care workers and the ability to help further their careers within the industry. "

Tony and Sharon invested in the national franchise and opened the Teignbridge office of Bluebird Care in 2008, over the last ten years they have put their hearts and souls in to making sure that the customer remains the most important part of the business.

Michelle Green

Care Manager

Everyday responsibilities: 

As registered care manager I am legally responsible for the business, and responsible overall for the compliance and quality of the service.


Special Skill:

3 years Martial Arts training and teaching.


Favourite quote or saying:

P.M.A = Positive Mental Attitude


What inspired you to begin working in the care industry? 

I originally wanted to go in to nursing, but I fell pregnant with my first child and it became difficult to balance motherhood and university, so I turned to care work. I’ve loved every second, made some fantastic friends and met so many amazing people over the years


Why work for Bluebird Care Teignbridge?

They are so passionate about delivering the best possible care to all their customers. They also give you great opportunities to progress and build a career in care


Jenny Carmichael

Growth Coordinator

Everyday responsibilities: 

As growth coordinator, I am the first person our customers will talk to, helping them through the process and answering any questions or concerns themselves or their family members might have. We then all work together to come up with a schedule to best suit their needs. Continuity is very important for our customers so ensuring they have regular care assistants lies with myself and the Rostering Coordinator.

Favourite Food: 


Favourite quote or saying:

If you are going to have regrets make sure they are for things you have done, not things you haven’t.

What inspired you to begin working in the care industry? 

I started working with adults with specials needs and this led to a move into to domiciliary care.

What is your best memory with Bluebird Care Teignbridge? 

A very funny game of seated Musical Chairs!

Why work for Bluebird care Teignbridge? 

It is the nicest place I have ever worked, everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Zara Hutton

Rostering Coordinator

Everyday responsibilities: 
Co-ordinates the rotas each week; plans out when every visit happens depending on the care workers and customers’ needs and specifications. 


Party Trick? 

I can do the crab!


How long have you worked in the care industry?

I have worked in care for 16 and half years, the last 2 and a half years with Bluebird Care Teignbridge


What inspired you to begin working in the care industry? 

I like to try and help people as much as I can, Care seemed like a good fit!


What has been your best memory working for Bluebird Care Teignbridge? 

Meeting all the customers I have been able to meet and being able to work my way up from Care Assistant to Rostering Coordinator, I’m also a support supervisor!


Do you have any motivational quotes or sayings that you live by? 

Take every day as it comes!


Sue Humphreys

Care Supervisor

Everyday responsibilities:

Responsible for new customer assessments, care plan updates, supervisions and spot checks with care staff, responsible for making sure staff and customers are supported.


Favourite food:

Spaghetti Bolognese


Special skills:

Tae Kwon Do


What has been your best memory at Bluebird Care Teignbridge?

Being promoted to a supervisor within 5-6 months.


What inspired you to begin working in the care industry?

My Mum was end of life and I was doing all her personal care and I thought to myself “I can do this” and I haven’t looked back since. I wish I had done this years ago.