Live-in care FAQS

We have taken some of our most asked questions and put them into a helpful FAQ for you to take a look at.

What is live-in care?

When looking for care or support for yourself or a loved one people often assume that a care or nursing home is the only option.

As one of the most popular, cost-effective alternatives to a residential care home our carers give you support and help for you to maintain your independence in your own environment.

Our highly trained carers will come to stay with you and can provide care, companionship and support ensuring that you are safe, comfortable, and happy in your own home. We understand that live-in care is not a one-size-fits-all and that is why all our care plans are personalised and bespoke to you to ensure your care needs and lifestyle needs are met.

What kind of support will I get with a live-in carer?

We can assist with any day-to-day routine. Our live-in carer will be able to support you in the following;

Personal Care – assistance with personal routines such as toileting, bathing, and dressing

Health and wellbeing – Preparing healthy balances meals, medication support, helping with any physio or mobility, assisting on days out.

Companionship – friendly companionship to ensure you’re never feeling isolated and to also provide that much needed reassurance to family members.

Housekeeping – clean and tidy home, ensuring all laundry is done, preparing meals for you and more.

Do all Live-in Care assistants have a DBS check and training?

At the very start of our recruitment process a full DBS is ran on all applicants. Only until the DBS is returned, will our team organise training with our dedicated training manager. It is mandatory that all our carers attend a three-day extensive training course which they will be assessed during the duration of the course. The training they receive is of the highest standards, we will only put a carer into a placement when we are happy that they can undertake all requirements of care. As an extension to this, live-in carers have regular supervision and updates on their training to ensure that this aligns with our customers’ needs.

How do I start the process to find a live-in care assistant?

When you initially enquire a member of our carer service specialists will take down any care needs or assistance that is required. After this the team will arrange a time and date to visit you in your own home and will conduct a full assessment of your needs and undertake a risk assessment of the house. The care service specialist will then go away and create a person-centred care plan individual to your needs and requirements. This will then be sent to you to review and sign, in the meantime, the team will be looking at your requirements, hobbies and interests and will look to match you with a member of our Live-in Care Assistants.

Can I choose if I have a male or female carer?

Yes, you can choose male or female. Our carers have a range of different skill sets and experience which allows our care service specialists to best match the individual with a carer.

Before my live-in carer comes to stay will I have any information about them?

We have carer profiles that we can send out. This will have their age group, name, hobbies and interests and their skill sets and experience.

How many hours does a live-in carer work?

Over the course of seven days the Live-in carer is entitled to fourteen break hours, this is usually split into two hours per down, which is agreed at a time suitable for you.

Will my live-in carer have time off and how will this be covered?

Prior to your start date the care service specialist will agree a schedule with you. For example, the carers may come to stay with you for four weeks and then have one week off. Our carers are allowed to stay in your home for a maximum of eight weeks before taking a week or mores break.

When your live-in carers is off for their break a ‘respite’ carer will come to stay with you, again the team will ensure that all relevant skills, hobbies and interests align while they stay with you for the short time that the other live-in carer is off.

We provide our customers with a regular team to ensure consistent cover. Before any carer has ‘respite’ the team will have a detailed hand over with each other to ensure that no information is missed and that there is as little disruption to you, as possible.

Are the live-in carers employed by Bluebird Care?

Yes, all our live-in carers are directly employed by Bluebird Care. This way we can guarantee professionalism and extensive quality and security checks. As we employ all our cares it means that our customers do not need to worry about privately employing their carers and dealing with insurance and tax concerns that come alongside private employment.

Do you offer short term live-in care packages?

Our short-term packages are available from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. We can help customers for example, that have just come out of hospital and require some help with rehabilitation within their own home.

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