The Top 10 questions about working in Care!

Ceri Eades, our HR Manager, answer the top 10 questions about working in care.


Ceri Eades, our HR Manager, answer the top 10 questions about working in care.

  1.  Isn't the pay rubbish?

We have increased our rates of pay twice in the last 12 months and offer a fantastic salary package – over £20k a year for full time workers and up to 39% higher than the minimum wage, with guaranteed full or part-time hours, flexible to suit people’s circumstances.

We’ve also made a brave decision to pay all of our Care Assistants the same. Everyone, no matter what age they are, is paid £10 an hour. This goes against the government’s recommendations to pay younger workers less.

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  1. Aren’t the hours really long?

There are shift patterns, and sometimes these include slightly anti social hours (eg early mornings & late nights) but these are no earlier than 7am or any later than 10pm. Also, if you can only work a certain amount of hours a week, then that’s absolutely something we can work around.

  1. I have children and I hear the hours are not flexible?

As mentioned above, we can work around the hours that you’re able to do. We do ask that you work every other weekend to help those who are full time, but generally this is not an issue. The only thing we cannot do is accommodate a 9-3 shift, as we need people in the mornings and evenings,  but this is easily worked around.

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  1. Is it a lot of personal care? Wouldn’t I have to wipe people’s bums?

Yes, there is personal care involved- our customers sometimes need showers, bed baths, help getting dressed, but it is not all that the job is about. Many of our customers just need a bit of company, some help shopping, maybe a bit of breakfast made! And personal care is actually nothing to be scared of – full training is provided.

  1. Isn’t it a job, not a career?

You can, of course, work as a Care Assistant for as long as you like. However, should you wish to progress in your career we have in house training options to help you progress into specialist or more senior care. There are so many roles in the care industry, ranging from those on the “front line” to more creative roles such as marketing!

  1. Isn’t it a very emotional job? Won’t death be involved a lot?

Although we have had sad cases (We won’t lie!) we don’t have customers passing away on a daily basis. Many of them are with us for years before the time comes, and it is truly an honour to be there for them during whatever stage of life they need us in.

  1. As a man I don’t think people would want me in their houses?

This is a sad misconception and one that we have spoken about before and want to tackle in our International Men’s Day video:

  1. I heard there are no benefits or perks?

This is incorrect. We have a refer a friend scheme in which you can earn up to £400 per person you bring to us (T&C's apply). There’s also the employee benefit 'Perkbox', which provides savings on brands all across the country- for example cinema tickets or supermarket shops – money off in places where it makes a big difference! Alongside this, many of our Care Assistants rave about the benefits from the actual job – making a genuine difference in the community and going home having had a wonderful day.

  1. Driving around alone all day, isn’t it a lonely occupation?

When out and about meeting our customers, no! Our Care Assistants also head into the offices for a chat and a cup of tea between breaks, and often work on double ups. We also have get together’s in the office on a fairly regular basis.


  1. Isn’t it a thankless job?

No, not at all. Helping someone to stay independent and living in their own home can be truly rewarding. Not only are our customers so thankful for the support but also the community is grateful as well: