The pros to domiciliary care, and answers to any worries

Published: 04/01/2021

When assessing care options, it can be overwhelming choosing what's best. We've put together some reasons you may prefer to have care at home, and also quelled some potential worries you may have.

1)      You can stay in your own home with your own routines

Rather than considering a care home, where you would need to move to and give up your own routines in return for designated meal and sleep times, you can stay in your own home and arrange care around you.

2)      It’s better for those with memory issues to stay in familiar surroundings

We all know that a move or big change can be disconcerting for anyone, let alone those with memory issues such as dementia. Staying in your own home during these difficult times can be immensely helpful as you are in familiar surroundings where you feel comfortable.

3)      Pets don’t need to be found new homes

Sadly care homes can’t allow pets into their buildings for health and safety reasons, but your home is your home and your furry friends can stay with you as long as you like! This might limit your Care Assistants as some are allergic or cannot work with animals, but this is easily worked around.

4)      Family and friends can be present during visits and no visiting hours!

Staying in your own home means you can continue life as you always did, just with a few more visitors! Rather than adhearing to someone elses’ routine your friends and family can come and visit any time of day and night because, you guessed it, it’s your home!

5)      One on one care – it’s all about you

Often with community care one carer is looking after a number of different patients, or customers. With domicilary care your one (or sometimes more!) care assistant is there for you and you alone.

6)      You meet some amazing people who genuinely care

Check out our video of our amazing care staff discussing why they work in care.


Still have some concerns? Here are a few answers that may quell your worries:

1)      You need to be home for visits

While this is initially frustrating, a routine is normally created very quickly – You can arrange for your visits to be at a time of day when you’re likely at home – for example, 7am, when you’re ready to get up, or 9pm when you’re getting ready for bed.

2)      There’s someone in your home you don’t know very well

This can sometimes be a little disconcerting; however all of our Care Assistants are incredibly friendly and easy to get on with. They are also fully vetted before coming into your home and fully trained.

3)      You can have more than one person coming into your home

Again, this can be frustrating at first, however as said above all of our care assistants are incredibly professional and friendly, and they are there to help you with whatever you need doing.

4)      It can be expensive

Care can get expensive, but there is always the possibility of financial assistance from the NHS in certain circumstances, and you only have to book as many visits as you need.