Dementia Awareness Presentation

Published: 26/01/2017

Dementia Awareness Presentation at English Martrys Primary School Strood on 19th January 2017

Another successful presentation was delivered to 30 pupils at English Martyrs Primary School on 19th January 2017, as we continue our campaign to raise awareness of dementia in our local communities.  Some people have questioned why we do these presentations in schools and it is quite simply that, although dementia affects mostly the elderly, the families of the person living with dementia are also affected and therefore the more help they can get to understand and deal with it the better.  It was encouraging to know that one pupil whose grandfather has dementia went home and explained that he understood better why Grandad does the things he does which prompted a thank you phone call from the family.   So if you would like a presentation given to your school or any community group then please do get in touch either by email or by telephoning the office.